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Beard Mode by Lani Lynn Vale Review

5 Smooches! Synopsis Aaron ‘don’t ever call me Fatbaby’ Sims is lucky to be alive. Or at least that is what everyone keeps telling him. He doesn’t feel lucky, though. He’s scarred, has more than a little bit of a bad attitude, and there isn’t a single day that goes by that he doesn’t wish …

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Claimed by Sarah O’Rourke Review

5 Smooches! Synopsis Fire Chief Aiden James often fell in lust, but not in love. Until the beautiful new librarian Carolina Mayfair showed up in his small town. The sparks flew and set them both aflame for one magical night, and the resulting inferno changed both of their lives forever. 25K standalone novella; can be …

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Undone: An Outside The Cage Novella by A.S. Teague Review

5 Smooches! Synopsis After promising to complete the bucket list, we set off on the adventure of a life time. But, with every new excursion, a new set of problems arise. We may be doing it for him, but we’re losing ourselves with each task completed. Can we keep our promises without ruining each other? …

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Hard & Reckless by Victoria Ashley Review

3 Smooches Synopsis Cole King… the name alone leaves a bad taste in my mouth, a reminder of how he broke my trust in the worst way possible. My best friend of twenty fucking years. He had my back and I had his. Always. Until he crossed the line. Now visions of him sinking between …

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Trixsters Anonymous by Ahren Sanders Review

5 SMOOCHES!   SYNOPSIS: Sassy, dramatic, hot-headed are just some of the words used to describe me since the time I was born. A few little mishaps growing up and my mom has a running ‘Emerson Baker’ prayer circle, and I have the reputation of a spit-fire that won’t go away. I prefer the terms …

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