Blood Mate By Kitty Thomas Review


5 Smooches

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Blood Mate, a dark fairy tale…

Nicole has been happily married to big shot attorney, Dominic Rose for ten years, but soon after their anniversary he grows cold—as if she doesn’t exist. Meanwhile, another man has been pursuing her far too intently for comfort.

August Corinth is a six-hundred-year-old vampire, cursed to kill and suffer the pain of his victims each night until he can find the one woman who can resist his thrall, his blood mate. Once he’s found her, there are no lines he won’t cross to claim the promised salvation even if it means taking away everything and everyone she loves.


This is my fourth Kitty Thomas book, so I like to think of myself as Kitty Connoisseur!  Hehe! See how I did that?  I really love her writing style, but I do not think there has ever been a book that she has written, that I didn’t feel pissed off about at the end.  I must be a glutton for punishment, because I always go back for more.  It is because her books are excellent. Homegirl can write her butt off.  Her books are always crazy as all get out and sexy as hell.  I just cannot resist.  Blood Mate is no exception!

Blood Mate, for me at least, was actually one of Kitty’s more tame books, but I still completely loved it.  I found myself rooting for August from the very beginning of this book.  I wanted Nicole to ditch the hubby and make my vampire happy!  I am not sure if I loved August because he deserved it or if I am just a vampire loving book ho.  Obviously Nicole isn’t, because she did not make things easy on my August, which led to a series of events, I cannot even begin to explain.  I am still not sure if Nicole is crazy and if this was all just a delusion.  Things just got cray cray and in true Kitty Thomas fashion I was all like…

I love this book!  As usual, Kitty’s writing was impeccable and her story telling was amazeballs! But, DAMN YOU, KITTY, DAMN YOU!  That ending just pissed me off, as usual.  The whole book was a complete mind fuck.  How can I love you and hate you so much?  So, when is the next book out?  😉  5 Smooches!