Bossy Nights by Liv Morris Review



I’ve landed in New York City with my resume in one hand and my V-card in the other. The resume? I’ll give to any man on the street. The other? Well… I won’t settle for anything less than lightning bolt chemistry and so far no one has flipped that switch.

Until I meet Barclay Hammond, CEO of the most prestigious publishing house in NYC and the city’s most eligible bachelor.

He’s commanding.
And my new boss.

The raw attraction between us is off the charts. Late nights together in the city, the looks he gives me across the boardroom table make him impossible to resist. I want him to be the one and he wants me too…

There’s only one BIG problem. Sleeping with your boss is strictly forbidden at Hammond Press.

Who knew losing it would be so complicated?


Tessa arrives in New York determined to find a job so she can move out there for good and her best friend can come with her. What she wasn’t expecting was to also land a man…a very powerful, sexy, charming and older man. Barclay knows what he wants, and when he sees Tessa he wants her. But he thinks Tessa deserves more than what he can offer and when she turns up at his office as a new employee, something already complicated it’s about to become a lot more so. Will these two be able to navigate a no fraternizing rule, meddling families and realize that they might actually belong together?

“It’s time to face my dreams head-on, even if they scare me more than I care to admit.”

A sweet, hot, sizzling and fun read – I really enjoy d Barclay’s and Tessa’s romance. A virgin meets an older and sexy man and then the drama and fun begins!

“No one would call me a wolf, at least not to my face, but I’ve never been labeled as an angel either.”

Tessa was really sweet, a little naive, young and ambitious. Probably someone people can relate to – leaving the family home, wanting to stand on her own and find her career. She was kind and determined if not a little too quick to fall in love! Barclay was a very strong, smart and determined man. Sexy and charming – a classic CEO boyfriend!

“All these dirty thoughts of her running through my head make one thing pretty damn clear: I could totally ruin her before she heads back to Alabama in a few days.”

This was a fun romance read with a lot of sexy scenes and drama and laughter thrown in to make the perfect recipe for a romance read. It was quite a quick read for me with the couple moving quite quickly – a bit of insta-love type feel which isn’t my favorite but I still really enjoyed it. The main characters were easy to like, and it was a very sexy read. Enough drama to keep you guessing about what was going to be thrown at the couple next and I wanted the HEA and to read the couples journey.