Falling For The Rookie by Trish Williford Review

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During the spring and summer months, Melody Carrick lives, eats and sleeps baseball. As a Baltimore Blue Birds season ticket holder, she attends every home game to enjoy the action. What Melody didn’t expect was to become part of the excitement when a foul ball hits her in the face and knocks her out during the season opener.

Injuring a fan during his first game in the majors is rookie Carson Lawrence’s worst nightmare. Knowing he won’t be able to clear his conscious until he’s assured she’s not seriously hurt, he visits the woman in the hospital. The last thing Carson expects when he walks into her room is to be attracted to a young, beautiful woman named Melody.

Carson and Melody quickly realize there is undeniable chemistry between them, no matter how hard they try to ignore it. Carson gives in to his strict “no dating” rule during baseball season and Melody allows Carson into her private world.
Falling hard and fast, everything is seemingly perfect until a piece of Carson’s past blindsides the couple. Devastated, Melody must decide if their love is enough to move forward or if she’ll only resent Carson for the rest of her life.


Melody loves her baseball and attends all home game; little did she know that she was quite literally going to be part of action when she gets hit by a foul ball by the new rookie in the majors, Carson Lawrence. Carson can’t believe he’s hit a fan and can’t help but check on her in the hospital but what he doesn’t expect is for this beautiful young women to knock him off his feet. There is instant attraction and connection between them and all is seemingly going well until the past comes up and bites them both. Will Melody be able to move past what she’s learnt or will it prove to be the end?

“You have really pretty sparkly green eyes and a beautiful smile. And if you want me to be honest, I kind of dig the purple under your eyes.”

This was an enjoyable sport romance read with an unexpected turn that took this from just a sweet romance to a “OMG did not see that coming” plot twist. The story also had great lead characters and support characters which I could really root and cheer for so this made for an overall great read!

“You don’t date during baseball season, you can’t break your rule.” “I’ll just bend it a little, sweetheart.” I winked. I knew I shouldn’t push this and say just goodbye to her tonight, but I have a feeling that not seeing her again will not be an option.”

I loved Melody- she was such a wonderful young woman. Despite suffering through a tragic loss she has still managed to be a happy and kind young woman who wants to help others and just embrace life. Carson was a bit cocky (major baseball player though so can you blame him?) but not enough for him to come across as obnoxious. He had worked hard to get where he now was and you could feel his attention for Melody coming off the page; I loved how much he wanted Melody and how he was willing to ignore his no dating rule because he just knew Melody would be worth it.

“This isn’t casual, and I’m a fool to believe that I can keep it that way until October. She has gotten under my skin and I’m certain I’ll never get my fill. I need this girl.”

I loved how this was a slow burner romance to start off with where we followed Melody and Carson through their meeting to them developing a relationship; this part was sweet, sexy, funny and just nice to read. Then out of nowhere we have this big plot twist that takes it from a sweet and funny romance to a more intense story and you are left wondering will they or won’t they which came at exactly the right spot in the story. I enjoy a romance but I always need something a little extra; a bit of drama or sadness or suspense and this story definitely delivered for me. A great first read from this author and I really hope Lexi gets a story!



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