From A Distance by L.M. Carr Review

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5 Smooches

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After an intense whirlwind romance, Karrie Parker thought she had it all: a sexy husband, a loving family, a great career and a beautiful home.

Together they lived a life fit for royalty.

But when tragedy strikes, Karrie is devastated and left to face the consequences of her husband’s deepest, darkest secrets. Discovering the strength to carry on while making important, life-changing decisions, she finds herself desperate for answers. And holding the key to the puzzle is the one man she loathes immensely.

For up and coming motorcycle drag racer Tyler Strong, keeping painful secrets was never part of the plan. Racing motorcycles and winning was all he ever wanted to do, but when his best friend’s lies begin to unravel, Tyler is sent into a tailspin when he’s forced to come face to face with the one woman he vowed to stay away from. The woman he refuses to speak to, the woman he avoids, the woman he watches…from a distance.

As the truth becomes clear, will destiny bring these two unlikely souls together or tear them apart forever?


This was my first time reading anything by L.M. Carr, and I am seriously impressed. I went into From A Distance having only read the blurb, but I gathered from it enough to know that I’d be in for some series twists and turns and a bit of angst. So while I may have been prepared for that, the truth is that I really had no clue. I don’t want to give a lot away in this review, I truly want everyone who decides to pick up this book to go into it and be able to experience the shock and surprise of the plot as it unfolds. Believe me when I tell you that while you are reading it, you may think you know what’s coming, but trust me when I tell you, you absolutely do not.

How well do you really know your husband? What if everything you thought you knew about him was a lie? These are the types of questions that the heroine, Karrie, is pondering in the wake of tragedy. The author did an amazing job communicating Karrie’s confusion, her pain, her loss, the hurt and the anger that she felt, all of it – because I felt it right along with her. Like Karrie, I wanted answers, too. The problem was that only one person had them, her husband’s best friend, Tyler, a man she loathed and whom she thought felt the same way about her. Turns out nothing at all in Karrie’s life was what it seemed to be, and with each new revelation that comes to light, Karrie begins to question everything. I was just as shocked at what I learned as Karrie was, and this character’s pain was so palpable, I felt her outrage right along with her. But through that devastation, comes the biggest surprise of her life, and it is yet another indication that everything wasn’t what it seemed to be.

I enjoyed this book so much! I devoured it in a few hours because I just could not put it down, and it was a Kindle-in-hand-while-cooking-dinner kind of night, that’s for sure. This book was well written and well developed; the plot was intriguing, exciting and suspenseful; and there was a surprising love story here that was beautiful, sexy and genuine. The emotions were plentiful, and at times dizzying, but this book sucked me in from the first page and held my interest the whole way through with an interesting plot and an epic romance. A few days after finishing this book, and I’m sitting here still thinking about it—I love that!! From A Distance by L.M. Carr gets five smooches from me!

~ Danielle Palumbo