Happily Letter After by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward Review



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From New York Times bestselling authors Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward comes a love story about taking chances and the surprises that come with them.

My love story all started with a letter.

Only it wasn’t from the man I’d eventually fall in love with. It was from his daughter. A sweet little girl named Birdie Maxwell who’d written to the magazine that I worked for.

You see, once a year my employer fulfilled a few wishes for readers. Only that column didn’t start up again for months.

So I fulfilled some of her wishes myself. It was harmless…so I thought. Until one day I took things too far.

While anonymously granting yet another of Birdie’s wishes, I got a look at her father. Her devastatingly handsome, single dad father.

I should have stopped playing fairy godmother then. I should have left well enough alone. But I just couldn’t help myself. I had a connection to this girl. One that had me acting irrationally.

Like when I showed up on their doorstep.

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Individually, Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are fantastic authors, but there is something truly special about their co-written books. The way their words blend together so effortlessly, transitioning seamlessly between their writing styles, always produces these absolutely addictive stories. A brilliant pairing, I love their collaborative works, and I can’t get enough of them.

Happily Letter After is a single-dad romance with a fresh, original storyline. The underlying vibe threading everything together in this story was fate, and it definitely had an almost magical quality to it that I wasn’t expecting. This couple felt almost destined to meet, and it was so much more than just pure luck played a role in their meeting. It was divine intervention—in the form of a sweetheart of 10 year old little girl, a great Dane and Santa Claus—that brought them together. Keeland and Ward penned a uniquely creative love story here with a hero who stole my heart and a heroine who was keenly understanding and incredibly patient. This couple definitely had fantastic chemistry, but it was the easy friendship, the bonding over the hero’s daughter and the undeniable feeling that they were just meant to be, that made this romance so unputdownable for me.

Happily Letter After was a heartwarming, had-to-happen kind of love story that I positively devoured. Endearing characters and a sweet, romantic storyline that made me laugh and swoon, came together into a completely engrossing page-turner with a fated to happen feel.  Happily Letter After by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward gets five smooches from me!

~Danielle Palumbo



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