I’ve Got This Round by Mamrie Hart Review

5 Smooches


The Year of Yes for the millennial set: in I’ve Got This Round, actress, writer, and YouTube sensation Mamrie Hart returns with even more spirit, adventure, and heart as she decides to live life at full-tilt.

When Mamrie simultaneously enters her 30s and finds herself single for the first time since college, the world is suddenly full of possibilities. Emboldened by the cool confidence that comes with the end of one’s 20s plus the newfound independence of an attachment-free lifestyle, Mamrie commits herself to living life as fully as possible. She seeks out once-in-a-lifetime experiences (like meeting Dolly Parton), bucket-list goals (like visiting the Moulin Rouge), and madcap adventures (like going anchors-away on a Backstreet Boys cruise)–all while diving back into the dating world for the first time in a decade.

In I’ve Got This Round, readers will find the same shameless honesty and I’ll-try-anything-once spirit they loved in You Deserve a Drink. Mamrie doubles down on her strong female friendships, her willingness to engage in shenanigans, and her inimitable candor, taking the reader along for a wild and unforgettable journey through adulting.


While I read lots of different types of books, I typically only review romance novels. But I had to make an exception for one of my favorite YouTubers and overall amazing personalities. As a fellow North Carolianian, I appreciate her southern flair. Mamrie Hart is a hilarious woman and that translated perfectly into her newest novel, I’ve Got This Round.

In this book, we are welcomed with stories from her travels, each one more funnier than the last but all together tell her clear picture of the person Mamrie is. I felt for her breakup, I laughed at her mischief, I drank with her over and over again and each moment felt but light but truthful.

This is a book I can honestly recommend to anyone, I promise you will laugh your ass off and be entertained with each and every page turn.