Oct 23

Miss Belief by Aubrey Bondurant Review



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Reid Maxwell is the man I’ve spent the last year crushing on – and he’s my new boss.

I should be over the moon about his recent breakup, but he’s gone from miserable to cold. It’s time to give post-breakup Reid a serious intervention.

Only our chat doesn’t go as expected.
Now he’s proposing the one thing I’m not sure I can pull off.

Teagan Larson is feisty and fearless. She’s also my new assistant.

She isn’t afraid to kick me out of my post-break up funk, nor does she sugarcoat the truth. Now that she’s agreed to be my fake girlfriend for an upcoming wedding, a weight has been lifted.

But the more time we spend together, the lines between fiction and fantasy start to blur.

Pretending has never felt more real.
Reality has never been more complicated.

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I ‘ve read all of Aubrey Bondurant’s books, and I’ve loved each one. She describes her writing style as adult contemporary erotic romantic comedy—think smutty chick-lit—but no matter how she describes it, you can count on her stories to be engaging, smart and witty. Her stories always seem to pull me right in, and I’m rewarded with a sexy love story, relatable characters and charming details. If you haven’t read Aubrey Bondurant yet, you’re missing out. She’s a not-to-be-missed indie author that contemporary romance readers need to have on their TBRs.

I’ve been totally hooked on Aubrey Bondurant’s latest series, the Miss series. I love workplace romances, a trope Bondurant does really well, and this one has a fake relationship spin to it. A heartbroken boss and his snarky, sexy assistant team up as a fake couple to attend a destination wedding where he’ll be facing off with his former fiancée. Aubrey has a sharp, witty sense of humor, but this was hands down her funniest book yet. I found myself laughing out loud at times and I definitely smiled my way through this book. There was plenty of emotion here, too, and both of these characters struggled with self-confidence in different ways. Teagan Larson is a woman with a difficult past, and she uses sarcasm as a shield. She may put on a brave face, but inside she felt vulnerable and way out of her league on the arm of super wealthy Reid Maxwell. But Reid had his own confidence struggles after he suffered the humiliating blow of catching his fiancée in the act of cheating on him. Normally upbeat, kind and a true gentleman, Reid sunk so low, Teagan had to stage an intervention to snap him out of it. Reid and Teagan had such great communication, undoubtedly because of their professional relationship, but a real friendship blossomed there, too. There was always some chemistry simmering between them, but it wasn’t anything either would act on given the fact that Reid was engaged. But when a now single Reid realizes he’s truly over his ex, he’s thinking about Teagan differently. Couple all of that with the whole fake relationship situation and some close quarters, and that simmering chemistry is suddenly boiling.

Miss Belief grabbed my attention from the first page with a sweet and seriously sexy romance between two people with some major confidence and trust issues. I loved every second of Reid and Teagan’s story, and my heart ached and raced as make-believe morphed into reality between them. I can’t wait for the next book in this series! Five smooches from me for Miss Belief by Aubrey Bondurant!

~Danielle Palumbo





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