One More Night by Sarah O’Rourke Review

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5 Smooches

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Crenshaw Jacobson knew exactly what he wanted out of life, and he was determined to get it. And when he laid eyes on the innocent beautiful new bartender Waverlee Armstrong, he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was going to have her in his bed – and his life – for many nights to come.

Waverlee took pride in maintaining a strict control on her life. After all, she was the only one who she could count on. Wrapping her mind around sharing her body with another person was more than she could manage.

That was, until she met *him.* Now, it seemed like every one of her fantasies revolved around what sinful delights Crenshaw Jacobson could teach her virgin body.

What happens when their one-night-stand becomes one more night?

28K, standalone, HEA, written as part of Fiona Davenport’s Sex, Vows, and Babies Kindle World.


I’m a huge fan of these smutty little insta-love novellas about obsessed alpha-males and the virgins of their dreams. I’m also a huge fan of Sarah O’Rourke and their unique writing style of southern humor, sultry heat and the sweetest happily-ever-afters. Combine the two in Fiona Davenport’s Sex, Vows, and Babies Kindle World, and you’ve got the makings of escapism reading magic.

Crenshaw Jacobsen, or Shaw, set his sights on Waverlee and pulled out all the stops to win over this beautiful but overworked young woman. He didn’t want just one more night with her — he wanted a lifetime of nights — and it took every tool in this billionaire’s arsenal to rebuild her vision of them into something that would stand the test of time. Along the way, readers are treated to loads of witty banter, crackling chemistry and a sweet love story. Waverlee was fiercely independent and no shrinking violet. She didn’t let Shaw just bulldoze right over her. Shaw got a run for his money in the smart and sassy Waverlee, getting her to see past one more night was worth every step in this sweet and romantic love story.

I devoured this novella, with a smile on my face from cover-to-cover, in about a little over an hour. For such a quick read, it sure was packed with humor, heat and heart. I smiled the whole way through Sarah O’Rourke’s One More Night, and it gets 5 smooches from me.

~ Danielle Palumbo