Mar 23

One More Time by Aurora Rose Reynolds Review



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Back in her hometown of Ruby Falls, Aria Heart is determined to find herself and the happiness that has always felt just out of reach. Something that would be a lot easier to do if her parents weren’t so close by, reminding her just why she left town as soon as she could, and if the house she just purchased wasn’t already giving her problems.

Just when Aria starts to second guess her decision, Tide Goodman knocks on her door and shoves his way under her defenses. Is it possible that the happiness she’s been searching for is attached to a man like Tide, the guy she crushed on in high school who didn’t even seem to know she existed? A man with an adorable daughter and baggage of his own?

In order to find out, she’ll have to put everything, including her heart, on the line one more time.

If you loved Falling Fast and Tide you’re going to want to read this book.

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I really love Aurora Rose Reynolds’ style of storytelling. She writes these decisive, determined and devoted alpha males who are a bit on the bossy side. Once they set their sights on the heroine, it’s like lightning strikes and they know down to their core that she’s the one. The fun starts when they set about doing whatever it takes to win her heart. Reynold’s describes that moment as the “boom,” and her ability to capture that moment of insta-love and those feelings are one of the reasons why I love her stories. I’m a total escapism reader, and Reynolds’ never fails to provide me with the vessel for those getaways.

I loved Falling Fast, the first story in the Ruby Falls series where I got my first glimpse of the hero, Tide, and I’ve been looking forward to his story since. Aria is back in Ruby Falls following a divorce, and one of the first people she runs into is Tide, the guy she had a crush on in high school but who didn’t notice her. Impossibly more handsome than he’s ever been, he charges in to save her day, and the sparks between them were flying. I loved these two together! I loved that while they were from markedly different backgrounds, they just fit. Both of them had awful ex-spouses, though Aria’s ex-husband hands-down won the contest as to who was worse. Tide’s sweet daughter was a breath of fresh air in this story.

Aurora Rose Reynolds totally brought the boom in One More Time with a low-angst, light-hearted, sweet and steamy romance. Tide was a very determined hero who knew exactly what he wanted and pulled out all swoon-worthy moves to get Aria on board with his plan. I loved watching this couple fall in love, and I got totally lost in their romance for a lovely afternoon.. One More Time  by Aurora Rose Reynolds gets 4.5 smooches from me!

~Danielle Palumbo




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