Perfect Match by Lila Monroe Review




I have sixty days to make this maverick billionaire fall in love… with somebody else!

Jack Callahan has the hottest smile in tech. And as for his ass…ets – well, there’s a reason he’s the biggest playboy in town. But thanks to douche-bro investors and my snake of a college nemesis (don’t ask), he’s also my last shot to take my new dating app from kick-ass idea to world-conquering, million-dollar reality.

There’s just one problem: he doesn’t believe you can make a program for love.

With my future on the line, I set him a challenge: if I can use the app to find his soulmate, he’ll invest in my company. Simple, right?


It turns out, Jack’s cocky attitude pushes my buttons – in all the sexiest, most infuriating ways. My research tells me he’s the absolute worst guy in the world for me… so why can’t I keep my hands off him?

And with my deadline approaching fast, how will I choose between my big break – or a broken heart?

Find out in the latest laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from Lila Monroe!


I’ve read several of the books from Lila Monroe’s Lucky in Love series, and I’ve enjoyed them all. Monroe pens easy-going romantic comedies that are light and breezy and filled with humor, heart and heat. Each one was different and so much fun to read, but Perfect Match is my favorite of the bunch.

From the first page, Perfect Match was an easy-to-get-lost-in story that I simply didn’t want to put down. The premise was unique and entertaining, and Monroe delivered it with tons of witty, well-timed banter that amped up the addictiveness of this fantastically executed romcom. Jack and McKenna had an instant connection and amazing chemistry that positively leapt off the page. It was impossible for me not to get as caught up in the whole will-they-or-won’t-they, push-and-pull of their relationship as they were! These two were so sweet, romantic and sexy together, but they also had an authenticity about them that kept me positively glued to my Kindle.

I devoured Perfect Match in a few hours, laughing and loving it the whole way through. Another winner from Lila Monroe! Perfect Match gets four smooches from me!

~ Danielle Palumbo