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He was mine once. But as of today, the only thing I’ll be calling Ford Ellis is Coach…



I’ve spent the better part of a decade forgetting Ford Ellis. If he had just stayed away from Montana, I might have erased the memory of his striking blue eyes and rugged smile forever. Avoiding him was easy when the only place I saw his face was on ESPN—and a remote control could fix that problem.

Except my boss just hired Ford as the new head coach for the Treasure State Wildcats. Not only will I be stuck watching him on the sidelines this season, but avoiding him will be impossible now that we’re working together.

Maybe I haven’t forgotten Ford. Maybe I still dream about what we might have been. Maybe he hasn’t forgotten me either.

Except those maybes won’t change the fact that we were never meant to be. Maybe he was mine once. But as of today, the only thing I’ll be calling Ford Ellis is Coach.




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Narrated by Ava Erickson & Teddy Hamilton


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“An unputdownable, heartwarming soul-mates love story with a dash of heartbreak and plenty of authentic emotion and smoking hot chemistry.” ~Danielle, Red Cheeks Reads


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I walked to the door, turning the knob with an I’m sorry I suck as a best friend poised on the tip of my tongue. But it wasn’t Autumn on my front porch.

It was Ford.

And Joey.

“Hi.” His blue eyes danced as my jaw dropped.

“Hi, Millie.” Joey lifted up on her toes as she waved.

“H-hi. Uh . . . what are you doing here?” I infused my voice with false cheer and plastered on a fake smile—for Joey’s sake, not Ford’s.

“We’re going hiking,” he said.

“Did you get lost on the way to the mountains?” I pointed over his shoulder to the blue peaks in the distance. “They’re that way.”

Ford’s smile widened, flashing me those white teeth, and damn him, my instinct was to smile back.

Don’t smile. Do. Not. Smile.

Joey was smiling too. It was the adorable gap between her front teeth that broke my resolve.

The corner of my mouth turned up.

“Get some shoes,” Ford ordered.

My gaze dropped to my bare feet. I looked back up and glared. “Did you just order me around?”

“He does it to me all the time,” Joey muttered.

Ford chuckled.

A giggle escaped. “What is happening?”

“Hiking.” He snapped his fingers. “Let’s go, Mills.”

“Can I use your bathroom first?” Joey asked.

“Sure.” I stepped aside, waving her in. “Just go down the hallway on your right. It’s the first door.”

It was a mistake to step so far to the side. Because the moment Joey came in, Ford followed.

I didn’t have a massive house. My cottage was eighty years old, and though the previous owners had done a renovation, the rooms, albeit charming, were small.

With him inside, it might as well have been a dollhouse. His presence consumed every inch, charging it with the same electricity he brought into my office.

He was in a navy, sleeveless athletic shirt. His arms, ripped with muscle, were on full display. My gaze traced the lines of his biceps, the curves of his triceps down to his sinewed forearms. His black mesh shorts draped over the bulk of his thighs.

And the tattoos on his right arm, oh my God, the tattoos. Ford was so focused. So steady. The tattoos gave him a reckless, sexy edge.

I wiped the corner of my mouth. Yep, that was drool.


My face whipped up to his. While I’d been gawking, he’d closed the gap between us.

Ford leaned in, just an inch, like he was going to kiss me.

I put my hand in front of his face. “Do not kiss me again.”

There was a challenge in his eyes. I was so busy trying to make sense of it that I didn’t notice his hand shoot up to capture my wrist. His fingers were so long he wrapped it easily. Even when I tugged, he had me trapped.

With that smirk on his mouth, he pulled my hand toward his lips, turning it at the last second to place a chaste kiss on the inside of my wrist before loosening his hold.

I yanked my hand free and took a step away, my skin buzzing from the softness of his mouth. “You listen as well as a brick wall.”




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Devney Perry is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of over forty romance novels. After working in the technology industry for a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to pursue her passion for writing. She was born and raised in Montana and now lives in Washington with her husband and two sons.

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