REVIEW: Avenging Angel by Kristen Ashley


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Rachel Armstrong has a burning need to right the world’s wrongs. Thus, she becomes the Avenging Angel.

And maybe she’s a bit too cocky about it.

While riding a hunch about the identity of a kidnapper, she runs into Julien “Cap” Jackson, who was trained by the team at Nightingale Investigations in Denver. Now he’s a full-fledged member at their newly opened Phoenix branch.

It takes Cap a beat to realize Raye’s the woman for him. It takes Raye a little longer (but just a little) to figure out how she feels about Cap.

As Raye introduces Cap to her crazy posse of found family and his new home in the Valley of the Sun, Cap struggles with his protective streak. Because Raye has no intention to stop doing what she can to save the world.

But there’s a mysterious entity out there who has discovered what Raye is up to, and they’ve become very interested.

Not to mention, women are going missing in Phoenix, and it seems like the police aren’t taking it seriously.

Raye believes someone should.

So she recruits her best friend Luna, and between making coffees, mixing cocktails, planning parties and enduring family interventions (along with reunions), the Avenging Angels unite to ride to the rescue.

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I have been waiting for this book—this series—since I finished Stella and Mace’s story in Rock Chick Reckoning, where the desire for more Nightingale men and Rock Chick women took root. I wasn’t alone, and as a long-time fan and avid reader of KA’s of more than a decade, I admit to occasionally wondering about the likelihood of a Rock Chicks series spin-off over the years. Avenging Angel is Kristen Ashley’s answer to that call. A thrilling and emotionally charged romance that exemplifies KA’s unparalleled storytelling skills, the first book in the spin-off of the beloved Rock Chick series does not disappoint. Ashley delivered a captivating tale filled with witty banter, sizzling chemistry and heart-pounding suspense.

I was on the edge of my seat, tapping my Kindle furiously, as Cap’s protective instincts clashed with Raye’s drive and determination to uncover the truth. I love a splash of humor with my whodunit, some heartfelt emotions mixed with all the heat-filled moments, and this sweet and steamy love story set against a backdrop of danger and excitement was all that I was hoping it would be. I’m so excited about this series, and I cannot wait for more of this series! Five smooches from me for Avenging Angel by Kristen Ashley!

~Danielle Palumbo




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