REVIEW: Blitz by Devney Perry



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A forbidden, small town, sports romance from Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry.

A coach. A student. The rules were concrete. We broke them anyway.

The night I met Toren Greely was the night I learned how to lie. He was a Treasure State football coach. I was the star of the volleyball team. Coaches and students were forbidden. My future was on the line, so I told myself it was only one night.

That was the first lie. They got easier to tell after that. The lines blurred. The boundaries shifted. Our relationship became a game of its own.

A chaste smile. A knowing glance. A veiled touch or a hushed kiss. We hid in plain sight. We were invincible. Or so we thought. Neither of us saw the blitz coming until it was too late.

Game over. The night I left Toren Greely was the night I learned how to lose.

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Blitz by Devney Perry is the second book in her Treasure State Wildcats series. Perry takes readers on a tumultuous, taboo ride in this gripping, emotionally charged forbidden romance. Devney’s storytelling is always so engaging, and it shines brightly here. Delving into a risky relationship between an older college football coach and a younger female star volleyball athlete, Devney brings it all together through exquisite prose, nuanced character development and an engrossing storyline.

The intense chemistry and undeniable attraction between the hero and heroine immediately drew me in and the emotional depth of their romance kept me glued to my Kindle. A firestorm of conflicting emotions convey the complicated nature of their forbidden romance as Devney masterfully navigates the risks, challenges and consequences of this off-limits love story.

Perry skillfully explored the risks, challenges and consequences of pursuing a love deemed off-limits by societal norms in Blitz. From the forbidden thrill of their secret encounters to the profound emotional connection they share, every aspect of the Toren and Jennsyn’s journey is portrayed with authenticity and affection. I hung on for dear life through the emotional hills and valleys of Toren and Jennsyn’s romance. A rollercoaster of passion and pining, and I loved every bump and bruise. Devney Perry’s Blitz gets 5 smooches from me!

~Danielle Palumbo




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