REVIEW: Crying Shame by Rebel Shaw


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Life just threw me a curveball. I have to find a new place to live, but it must be in-district, because my son has his heart set on riding the bus to his first day of kindergarten.

When my brother’s sexy best friend suggests we move in with him, I have to remind myself the offer was for his spare bedrooms… not his bed.

Graham was my childhood crush and being in proximity with him is bringing back all kinds of feelings I thought were long gone. Looks like this time, he’s experiencing them too.

The problem is, now I have a son to think of. We’ve been through enough, and I can’t risk his heart… or mine.


My gorgeous new roommate is off limits. Not only is she my best friend’s little sister, she’s a single mom looking for help… not a hookup.

From the moment she’s under my roof, sparks fly, and suddenly the girl I’ve known my whole life becomes the woman I want long term.

I know I should stay away. Addyson deserves better than sneaking around, but she’s afraid to give me more. Plus the little boy she’s trying to protect… he’s already stolen my heart.

To let her get away… let them get away, would be a crying shame.

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I’ve been reading Lacey Black’s books since she released her first one, and I’ve loved them all. I’ve also really enjoyed her collaborations with Kaylee Ryan, so it was a no-brainer that I’d be reading their work under their new Rebel Shaw pen name. This author duo is just so well matched. Seamless and smooth writing, full of witty humor and heart-string pulling emotion yield fantastic romances centered around some charming, endearing characters.

Addyson is a single mom to her adorable five year old son, Noah, and she’s in a pinch. In steps her older brother’s best friend, Graham, with the perfect solution—if it wasn’t for the crush Addyson has had on him since she was a teenager. The attraction between Graham and Addyson literally leapt off the page—they were absolutely on fire. But there was a deep connection there as well, and I loved watching Graham fall so hard and fast for both Addyson and Noah.

I love single parent romances, and Crying Shame by Rebel Shaw delivered a flirty, fiery and full of feels. Five smooches from me for Crying Shame by Rebel Shaw!

~Danielle Palumbo




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