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He’s a billionaire in need of a wife …

And I’m his ex who can’t say no to him.

Ten years ago Carson Knight was my one great love, but he abandoned me without a trace.

Now he’s a billionaire single-dad in need of a temporary wife.

And he’s at my house on one knee with a proposal …

Marry him, so he’s more likely to win full custody of his daughter, keeping her safe from her unstable mother. In return, he’ll take care of the medical expenses for a surgery my father needs to survive.

Reluctantly, I agree to tie the knot, on one condition. Once those custody papers are signed, we go our separate ways. Because he’s even more gorgeous, charming, and sweeter than he was back then, and I don’t trust myself not to fall for my fake husband.

Especially when I hear him say “my wife.”

Or feel his hands on my skin. Taste his kiss or see the way he looks at me with those blue eyes and know that our carefully crafted rules will shatter.

Right alongside my heart.


* * * * * * * * * *


Corinne Michaels caps off the Whitlock Family series with a beautifully crafted second-chance-at-first-love romance in Forgotten Desires. Corinne’s storytelling skills shine through in this intricate tale of love and redemption between the selfless, kindhearted heroine, Brynn, and her ex-boyfriend, billionaire single father, Crew. There’s always a bit of angst to Michaels’ storytelling, and there was definitely some here, but the engaging narrative is punctuated with wit, charm and sizzling chemistry as this couple fights for each other and for custody of Crew’s sweet daughter.

Forgotten Desires was a heart-melting romance with a marriage of convenience twist. Crew is a totally swoon-worthy hero who’s been head-over-heels for her from the start and pulls out all the stops in his pursuit of her this time around. While Brynn was absolutely willing to jump in to help Crew get custody of his daughter, she was a bit more cautious with her heart.

I practically inhaled this book in a single sitting, tapping my Kindle furiously because I could not get through it fast enough. A masterful blend of angsty emotion, passion and the tender, romantic rekindling of  first love. Forgotten Desires was a heart-warming, steamy and satisfying conclusion to a beloved series. Five smooches from me for Forgotten Desires by Corinne Michaels!

~Danielle Palumbo



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