REVIEW: Make A Wish by Helena Hunting



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With her signature charm and sense of humor, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Helena Hunting creates a novel about love, family, and second chances in Make a Wish

Ever have a defining life moment you wish you could do over? Harley Spark has one. The time she almost kissed the widowed father of the toddler she nannied for. It was so bad they moved across the state and she never saw them again.

Fast forward seven years and she’s totally over it. At least she thinks she is. Until Gavin Rhodes and his adorable now nine-year-old daughter, Peyton, reappear at a princess-themed birthday party hosted by Spark House, Harley’s family’s event hotel. Despite trying to avoid the awkwardness of the situation, she can’t help but notice how unbearably sexy he looks in a tutu.  Add to that a spontaneous hives breakout, and it’s clear she’s not even remotely over the mortification of her egregious error all those years ago.

Except Gavin seems oblivious to her inner turmoil.

So much so that he suggests they get together for lunch. For Peyton’s sake, of course.

It’s the perfect opportunity to heal old wounds.

Or it could just reopen them.

This is one of those times Harley wishes she could see the future…

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I’ve really enjoyed the entire Spark House series, and Helena Hunting capped it off with a heart-string puller in Make A Wish.  A second-chance romance featuring a widowed single father and his former nanny, there was a lot of emotion packed into this story. Gavin lost his wife during childbirth, and grief-stricken and full of guilt, he hires 19-year-old Harley to be the live-in nanny to his infant daughter. Things are going well, Harley loves baby Peyton and is happy in her job. She’s practically a member of the family, and as such, she sees Gavin’s struggle and pain, and her heart aches for him. An awkward misread of the situation is the precursor to Gavin and Peyton’s relocation to be closer to his wife’s parents. Eight years later, Harley is the host of a princess party at Spark House, her family’s boutique hotel, and Peyton and Gavin are guests.

Gavin wanted desperately to be in a relationship with Harley, but his grief and guilt were constant stumbling blocks. Harley was patient, kind and loving, and I absolutely loved how she was a source of support to him but didn’t hesitate to call him out when needed. Peyton was a show-stealing little sweetheart, and her and Harley’s relationship was one of my favorite parts of this story.

Make A Wish was full of feels and fiery chemistry, Gavin and Harley’s hard-fought love story was as heart-warming as it was heart-wrenching. There was a lot of pain to sift through in this story, but the underlying hope and all-consuming love in it were addictive and captured my heart. I loved this series, these sisters and their stories. Make A Wish by Helena Hunting get 4.5 smooches from me!

~Danielle Palumbo




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