REVIEW: Risky by Aurora Rose Reynolds



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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aurora Rose Reynolds comes a bittersweet romance about the risks and rewards of falling in love.

Everly never expected to move back in with her parents, and she definitely didn’t expect to do so as a single mother. But with the father of her son suddenly out of the picture, she’s had to make some adjustments to her plans.

Now Everly has one priority: to make a life for herself and her boy. And Blake, her sometimes infuriating but admittedly handsome employer at Live Life Adventures, doesn’t factor into her future as anything more than her boss.

But it seems the guy who’s about as friendly as a grizzly bear has a soft spot for her and her son…and the more time she spends with him, the more difficult it is to remember why giving in to the chemistry between them is a bad idea.

Now, with their future on the line, they’ll have to decide if love is a risk worth taking.

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I really love Aurora Rose Reynolds’ style of storytelling. Her determined and devoted alpha males are a bit on the bossy side, and once they set their sights on the heroine, it’s game over. Lightning strikes—a moment Reynolds describes as the “boom”—and they know down to their core that she’s the one. Then the fun starts as they set about doing whatever it takes to win her heart. The way that ARR captures those moments of insta-love and the storm of surging emotions are one of the reasons why I love her stories so much. I’m totally an escapism reader, and ARR consistently provides me with a vehicle for those particular getaways.

Risky is the second book in the Adventures in Love series, and I’m really enjoying this world and these characters. Grumpy, gruff Blake is a mountain man running an adventure excursion business with his two co-owners. Everly is a single mom to her adorable, show-stealing son, Sam, and she’s left her big city life behind to return home for a fresh start. She and Same move in with her parents, and she lands a job as the office manager of Blake’s company where the fireworks between them start almost immediately. There’s a lot of push and pull between Blake and Everly as their relationship builds, and they’ve got some things to overcome between Blake’s baggage and Everly’s reluctance to enter into a relationship after everything she’s been through.

Risky was a sweet, charming and endearing romance that was low on angsty drama. Full of feels and friendship that catches fire, I loved the slow burn build-up of Blake and Everly’s love story. Four stars from me for Risky by Aurora Rose Reynolds!

~Danielle Palumbo



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