REVIEW: So This Is War by Meghan Quinn


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Did I think I was going to fall for my coach’s daughter?

The answer would be no.

I’m still unclear on how I got into this predicament in the first place. A year ago, I was a man with one thought on his mind, the redhead I met at a hotel bar. Twelve months later, I found her.

Unfortunately for me, she not only happens to be my very off-limits coach’s daughter, but also . . . my new assistant and roommate.

I don’t even need an assistant, but Coach Wood doesn’t take no for an answer. Add in him writing up tasks for his daughter, Wylie, to complete for me? Well, it’s his own form of sweet torture. We are talking tasks that I would never ask her to do.

Tasks that make her despise me.

Hate me.

That make her utter four words that cause a shiver to crawl up my spine . . . Posey, this is war.

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Meghan Quinn nails the whole forbidden romance trope in So This Is War, a completely addictive age-gap, roommates-to-lovers, hockey romance. I’ve been looking forward to Posey’s story since Meghan introduced him to her readers way, way back in the first book of the Vancouver Agitators series, Kiss and Don’t Tell, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait! The story revolves around Levi Posey, a charming and romantic hockey player, and Wylie, the confident and sassy daughter of the coach, who also happens to be his new assistant and his roommate. Their undeniable chemistry coupled with the constraints of their forced proximity and the off-limits nature of their professional affiliation make for a titillating yet heartwarming read. Quinn’s natural storytelling skills shine throughout, effortlessly blending her trademark humor and sizzling romance with intense emotion into an engaging and entertaining plot.

The dynamic between Levi and Wylie is electric, their witty banter and steamy interactions pulled me right into their world. Quinn masterfully develops their relationship, balancing the tension of their forbidden love with moments of genuine connection and vulnerability. The challenges they face, both on and off the ice, add depth to their story, making the resolution all the more satisfying. So This Is War is a testament to Meghan Quinn’s ability to craft an irresistible romance filled with heart, humor, and heat.

I listened to the audiobook, and it was absolutely fantastic. The natural chemistry between Teddy Hamilton as Posey and Emma Wilder as Wylie definitely made for a fabulous performance. But what pushed this audiobook into something truly special was the full cast that joined them. Jason Clarke, Connor Crais, Vanessa Edwin, JF Harding, Stella Hunter, Erin Mallon and Kelsey Navarro-Foster all turned in wonderful performances, making for a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable listening experience. Five smooches from me for So This Is War by Meghan Quinn!

~Danielle Palumbo




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