REVIEW: The Forever Formula by Kendall Ryan



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Welcome to Kodiak Canyon,
Where the men outnumber the women, the beards are impressive, and the beer is home-brewed.

Second chances and first loves …

Rachel Tyson never expected to be single, unemployed and starting over in the remote mountain town she’d worked so hard to escape.

After inheriting her grandfather’s rustic cabin, her only goal is to sell the thing and move on. The place holds too many memories—not all of them good. But complicating her plan is the big, grumpy, and highly overprotective Noah Hart. They share some ancient history, and maybe a secret or two. But Rachel doesn’t need saving this time. Not really, anyway. Too bad Noah isn’t about to let her get away again.

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Kendall Ryan kicks off her new Hart Brothers series with The Forever Formula, a second-chance, small-town romance. Raised by her grandfather in Kodiak Canyon, Rachel left behind her broken-hearted high school boyfriend, Noah, to pursue her education. Fast forward a dozen or so years, and a tragedy coupled with her life circumstances has Rachel returning to the only place that’s ever felt like home.

The Forever Formula was a light-hearted, feel-good, easy-reading contemporary romance that I devoured in a few hours. Full of heartwarming feels and a slow-burn romantic build-up, Ryan weaves genuine emotion into the story without filling the pages with angsty drama. I loved the charming small-town setting, and the endearing side characters added depth and interest to plot, forming a solid developmental foundation for this series. This was a great start to this new series from Ryan, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the Hart brothers’ stories. Four smooches from me for The Forever Formula by Kendall Ryan!

~Danielle Palumbo



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