REVIEW: The Summer Proposal by Vi Keeland


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The first time I met Max Yearwood was on a blind date.

Max was insanely gorgeous, funny, and our chemistry was off the charts. He also had the biggest dimples I’d ever laid eyes on. 

Exactly what I needed after my breakup.

Or so I thought…

Until my real date arrived.  

Turned out, Max wasn’t who I was there to meet. He only pretended to be until my real date showed up. 

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

Before he left, he slipped me a ticket to a hockey game a few blocks away, in case things didn’t work out on my actual date. 

I tossed the ticket into my purse and went about trying to enjoy the man I was supposed to meet. 

But my real blind date and I had no connection.

So on my way home, I decided to take a chance and stop by the game. 

When I arrived, the seat next to me was empty.

Disappointed again, I decided to leave at the end of the period.

Just before the buzzer, one of the teams scored, and the entire arena went crazy. 

A player’s face flashed up on the Jumbotron. He was wearing a helmet, but I froze when he smiled. 

You guessed it: Dimples.

Apparently, my fake blind date hadn’t invited me to watch hockey with him, he’d invited me to watch him play.

And so began my adventure with Max Yearwood.

He was everything I needed at the time—fun, sexy, up for anything, and only around for a few months since he’d signed with a new team three-thousand miles away.   

Max proposed we spend the summer helping me forget my ex. It sounded like a good plan. Things couldn’t get too serious when we had an expiration date. Right?

Though, you know what they say about the best-laid plans. 


* * * * * * * * * *


For the last five years, I’ve kicked off my reading year with a book from Vi Keeland, and it’s always ended up on my list of top favorite reads of the year. I’m betting that streak will continue with The Summer Proposal.

I was hooked on Max and Georgia’s story from the bar-room blind-date meet cute. They had so much chemistry, and Max, was a seriously charming guy. Drop-dead gorgeous, dual dimpled and thoughtful, Max was the full package. Georgia had some relationship baggage, but she was ambitious, driven and smart. The CEO of her own company, she also had a fierce competitive streak that matched Max’s, and I loved that about them.

Their relationship may have started out as a no-strings-attached summer fling, but with a couple this perfect for each other, feelings were inevitable. Georgia’s situation was a bit… complicated, but Max had some serious issues of his own. Keeland wove some wonderful side characters into this story, and they elevated this story to something truly special. Georgia’s best friend, Maggie, was a hoot, and Max’s family was warm, friendly and welcoming.

The Summer Proposal is the kind of book you devour in a single sitting. I practically inhaled it, not wanting to put my Kindle down for a second. Max and Georgia’s romance was so sweet, seriously sexy and jam packed with feels. I loved every second of their story! Five smooches from me for The Summer Proposal by Vi Keeland!

~Danielle Palumbo



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