REVIEW: The Tease by Lauren Blakely



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I swear I’m a good girl.

I didn’t go to the exclusive, after-hours masquerade to kiss my dad’s best friend. I didn’t even know who the masked man was when he touched me like I was his every fantasy.

But when I learn exactly how off-limits my new lover is, I do my best to avoid him the next time. Except, he has his sinful sights set on me, even when he discovers who I am. Just one time, he whispers. Then we’ll pretend this never happened.

Seems the enigmatic, gorgeous single dad I’ve known by day is a very dirty man after dark.

But one night turns into a stolen weekend, giving me a taste of so much more. When it ends, we vow to stay apart.

We could never work.

He’s focused on raising his young son, and I can’t let my already damaged family break more. But the caring, possessive man keeps coming back to me, and these secret nights tangled up together are turning into tender moments that make my heart thunder.

And soon, this tease of a forbidden romance is making me want so much more than I can ever have…

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Lauren Blakely lights the pages on fire in the third book of her Virgin Society series, The Tease. Seamlessly blending passion with emotional depth and richly developed characters, Blakely crafted a story that explored the intensity of desire and delved into the complexities of a forbidden age-gap relationship between a single dad and a first-timer who are also connected professionally and through the heroine’s father.

While it’s not necessary to have read the other two books in the Virgin Society series before this one, readers who have will recall the crisply professional and efficient assistant television producer, Jules Marley. There are also appearances by characters from the other books here, but The Tease can absolutely be read as a standalone. I listened to the audiobook, narrated by Jason Clarke and Vanessa Edwin. Both narrators delivered fantastic performances, and they drew me right into the story with their portrayals of these complex characters.

Blakely’s prose is like a sultry dance that enticed me into the world of her characters. The chemistry between Jules and Finn is nothing short of explosive, and their flirtatious banter crackles with the undeniable sexual tension pulsing between them. Jules is a confident and independent young woman who may lack practical experience, but she knows exactly what she wants. She finds it in Finn Adams, the enigmatic, sinfully sexy and successful venture capitalist who just so happens to be her father’s best friend. Set in New York and Paris, Blakely took me along on Jules and Finn’s heart-racing, cheeks-burning, fanning-myself, fantasy-fueled whirlwind romantic journey.

While the steamy scenes are undeniably titillating, The Tease was not just about passion—it was also about the power of connection and the thrill of the forbidden. A symphony of desire, self-discovery and love without bounds, Blakely penned a tantalizingly sexy and emotionally charged romance that effortlessly balanced steam and substance. Five smooches from me for The Tease by Lauren Blakely!

~Danielle Palumbo



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