REVIEW: Time For Change by Lacey Black


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There’s nothing more liberating than picking up your life and relocating. I needed a fresh start, desperately looking to get away from my past. Stewart Grove is such a cute small town and seems like the perfect place to settle. Add in the fact I got a job serving at the popular Burgers and Brew restaurant, and everything seems to be clicking into place.

Then single dad Jack Harper sat down at one of my tables and turned my world upside down.

I wasn’t expecting to meet a man so quickly after moving, let alone one ten years my senior, but there’s no denying the instant connection. The problem is, I carry a secret. One that could destroy this new life I’m creating.

I just pray it all doesn’t blow up in my face.


Weekends are spent with my kids. As a local electrician and business owner, I don’t exactly work your typical nine-to-five job. Add in co-parenting with my ex-wife, and there isn’t a lot of free time for myself. Dates have always been an afterthought, especially when the few I’ve been on didn’t go well. I’m content with just being Dad, making sure my kids always come first.

Then I met her.

Stevie Clement is completely unexpected in the best sort of way, and I find myself drawn to her like I’ve never experienced. I want all of her time, in my life and in my bed.

However, it may come down to an impossible decision: my kids or the woman I want to spend my life with.

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Lacey Black heads back to the beloved town of Stewart Grove in Time for Change, the latest addition to her Burgers & Brew Crüe series. Stevie, a spirited and resilient heroine with a tragic past, arrives in Stewart Grove seeking a fresh start and a new job at Burgers & Brew. There, she encounters Jack, a devoted single father juggling the demands of his business and raising his children. Black’s storytelling is always captivating. She has this way of drawing me right into the lives of her endearing characters and their charming community. She skillfully balances the romantic tension with the everyday challenges and joys of small-town life, creating a narrative that feels authentic and genuine.

The age-gap and opposites-attract dynamic between Stevie and Jack added intriguing layers and complexity to their relationship, making their journey all the more compelling. The chemistry between Stevie and Jack was electric, and their interactions were crackling with energy and emotion. The twist of Stevie’s secret added depth to the story, keeping readers eagerly turning pages. Time for Change was a heartwarming and beautifully written romance that I didn’t want to put down. Five smooches from me for Time for Change by Lacey Black!

~Danielle Palumbo




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