REVIEW: Two A Day by Lauren Blakely


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Look, I had a rough week at work. So I put on a bikini and escape to the beach, where I wind up rescuing the city’s hot new quarterback from a rogue paddleboard, and then he rescues me that night from a s-e-x drought.

Hello O-Town. Nice to see you!

The charmer with the magic hands wants another date too, and I say yes so fast.

But the thing is I’m the team lawyer for The Mercenaries. And the morning after the sexiest night of my life, I find out the guy I plan to see again was just traded to our team.

Dating the brand spanking new star quarterback?


Especially when my boss blindsides me with this twist – I’m in charge of managing his reputation.

I really shouldn’t invite him over late tonight then.

Truly, I shouldn’t.

Contents include: sex hacks, text snafus, bedroom dares, major league dirty talking, and twists you won’t see coming in this sexy sports romance.

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I’ve lost count of how many times Lauren Blakely’s writing has made me smile, made me swoon or just plain made me happy. She’s entertained and amused me, she’s made my heart race, and she’s made me blush. It all boils down to the simple fact that she writes the kind of romantic fiction that I want to read. Time and time again, I reach for her books, and not only do I keep me coming back for more, but each book is a reminder of why I love this genre so much. Her books are sexy, light-hearted and fun, they’re the kind of stories that leave the reader feeling good and happy, not just at the end—but the whole way through. Whether it’s one of her romantic comedies or one of her contemporaries, these stories are precisely the types of romance novels that I prefer to read.

Two A Day was forbidden MF sports romance between a star NFL quarterback and an attorney for an NFL team. Their meet cute was a script flip on the tried-and-true damsel in distress situation, with the hero in hot water and the heroine saving the day—I loved it. The attraction between them crackled and sparked from their very first moments on the beach. After an unforgettable night together, they’re both excited about the possibilities and anticipating seeing each other again. So it’s truly unfortunate that Drew is traded to her team the next day making any further nights together as taboo as the dreaded field goal miss at 4th and goal. Drew was friendly, charismatic and such a good guy. He was the epitome of the ruggedly handsome professional QB, and he had a deliciously demanding side that only made appearances behind closed doors. Brooke is an attorney for the team, and she’s smart, she’s sassy and she’s sexy. Their banter is on point, and Drew’s naughty bedroom chatter is the stuff that Brooke’s fantasies are made of. Blakely kept this a feel-good romance by posing just enough challenge to this couple’s budding romance to keep readers fully engaged without using any unnecessary drama or being overly angsty, and I absolutely love that about her work.

I listened to the audiobook of Two A Day, and Jason Clark and Rose Dioro’s performances were absolutely fantastic, breathing life into these characters with the perfect pairing of their own natural chemistry. If this heartwarming, white-hot and humorous story is the kickoff to The Girlfriend Playbook series, I can’t wait to see what else is coming. I loved absolutely everything about this breezy, happy, fun romance. A touch forbidden and smolderingly sexy, Two A Day  was a heart-soaring, blush-inducing romcom that kept a smile stretched across my face. This was a completely bingeable, listened-to-it-in-a-day romance—I burned through two pairs of AirPods and was already anticipating the next book in the series by the time I finished it. Two A Day by Lauren Blakely gets five smooches from me!

~Danielle Palumbo



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