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I swear I only asked one hot hockey-playing friend to give me romance lessons for the week, but three hockey stars volunteered…

The post breakup plan was simple – escape from my toxic ex to a vacation rental and stay far away from men.

But thanks to a booking snafu I’m accidentally sharing it with three hot hockey players. One’s flirty, one’s broody, one’s a cheeky Brit, and they’re all the most attentive men I’ve ever met.

After a couple of glasses of champagne, I’m telling them about the contest my ex is running on his dating advice web site. The topic? What makes a great boyfriend, and I want to submit a column.

All three offer to show me every single thing I’ve been missing in and out of bed.

We make a deal for one week only. It’s only for revenge, of course. I work for the other hockey team in the city so it’d be a big mistake to truly get involved with a rival, let alone three.

Even though I melt under their touch. They show me what it means to be adored, cherished and romanced.

But as the week ticks on, what started as revenge fast turns into me giving my heart to three men I can’t have. Looks like I’m well and truly pucked.


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A Lauren Blakely audiobook is always something special, but a fully casted Lauren Blakely audiobook is an experience. Well and Truly Pucked, the final book in Blakely’s My Hockey Romance series, is an immersive and utterly addictive reading event that showcases the author’s unparalleled storytelling skills. Blakely expertly weaves a tale of passion, humor, and heart in this rivals-to-lovers, forced proximity, reverse harem/why choose style hockey romance. Samantha Brentmoor, Jason Clarke, Connor Crais and Teddy Hamilton’s individual and group performances were wonderful. Their portrayals of the sensual yoga instructor heroine and the three chivalrous, hockey-player heroes, their witty banter and off-the-charts chemistry came through my Air Pods loud and clear, drawing me right into their steamy encounters and heartwarming moments.

Blakely skillfully delves into the emotional complexities of a why choose/reverse harem style relationship, exploring the challenges and joys of navigating a love story with multiple partners. I followed along as Briar and the boys transitioned from friendship to something more, laughing, swooning and rooting for this unconventional quartet to find their happily ever after. With its captivating storytelling, brilliant narration and unforgettable characters, the audiobook version of Well and Truly Pucked is a must-listen for fans of steamy romance and why choose dynamics. Five smooches from me for Lauren Blakely’s Well and Truly Pucked!

~Danielle Palumbo




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