Ruthless King by Meghan March Review

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New Orleans belongs to me.
You don’t know my name, but I control everything you see—and all the things you don’t.
My reach knows no bounds, and my demands are always met.
I didn’t need to loan money to a failing family distillery, but it amuses me to have them in my debt.
To have her in my debt.
She doesn’t know she caught my attention.
She should’ve been more careful.
I’m going to own her. Consume her. Maybe even keep her.
It’s time to collect what I’m owed.
Keira Kilgore, you’re now the property of Lachlan Mount.

*Ruthless King is book one of the Mount Trilogy*


Keira has had a hard time recently. The passing of her cheating and conniving husband, taking on her family’s business which is struggling and now the worse thing has hit her….not only was her dead husband cheating on her, he also borrowed money off one of the most dangerous and ruthless men, Lachlan Mount, and Lachlan has come to collect. Lachlan finds Keira a fascinating distraction and with her dead husband owing him money, he has decided to collect his debt but not in the way of money….instead he is collecting Keira as his form of re-payment. Will Keira be able to withstand being Lachlan’s property? Will Lachlan resist Keira’s fiery temper or will she turn into more than just a distraction? 

“Keira Kilgore needs another lesson in what it means to be owned by Lachlan Mount.”

This was a very hot, dirty and sinful read which is one of my favourite categories! Lachlan was a very interesting, mysterious and dirty character and I have to admit I definitely fell for him. Not only do we have the very intense sexual side of the story but we also have drama surrounding Kiera’s business and her dead husband. 

“Even his name sends bolts of heat through me, spawned from wrath unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I hate how he makes me feel. I hate that my body responds to him.”

There is no way around the fact that Lachlan is a very ruthless and scary man but there is also no denying that he is hot as hell and a very dirty and sexual man. I have to say I completely fell for his slightly depraved character. There is definitely more to him than his reputation but in this story we don’t really delve pass the reputation and rumours surrounding him so I’m hoping to learn more about him in the next book. Keira was the definition of a strong woman. Taking on a business in trouble, dealing with the death of her husband who was also cheating on her and now being ‘owned’ by Lachlan. Despite all this she remains defiant and brave in the face of a man who is rumoured to have made escorts ‘disappear.’ 

“How such a cruel man can be so brutally beautiful, I have no idea.”

The sex and chemistry between Keira and Lachlan was very hot, very dirty and very fun to read (one recommendation would be not to read this on the tube when people are looking over your shoulder!). There’s no denying the author hit the mark when it came to the erotica side of this story. It was more than just an erotica as well though, with drama and suspense and intrigue all playing a role within the plot. I was invested in finding out more about who Lachlan really was and just how awful Keira’s dead husband was. My only issue with this story would be that it is moving at quite a slow pace in the sense that we really didn’t learn much about Lachlan and the only really big thing to happen in book 1 comes at the very end- but it was a really big twist that I honestly didn’t see coming. Overall an intense read and I can’t wait to see where the rest of this series goes! 


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