Switch Hitter by Sara Ney Review

4 Smooches


I knew something was wrong the second she walked in the door tonight; I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

Same hair color.
Same legs.
Same face.

Except…I look harder.
At the small dimple beneath her lip that wasn’t there the last time we went out. And her laugh—that laugh isn’t as loud.

This isn’t the girl I’ve gone out with the past few weeks.
It’s her twin sister, and they’ve switched places on me.

Only I’m not quite ready to let them switch back.


I enjoy Sara Ney’s New Adult romances so I was excited to see this new series by her.  I was really intrigued by the concept of the heroine filling in on the date for her twin. IT was an easy read with a decent build up but I don’t think it was my favorite by the author. I wasn’t super connected to the characters and once the issue of her deceiving him was cleared up her personality, in my opinion, seemed to change.

I did enjoy reading it and I personally am looking forward to seeing what Sara brings up with this new series. I have good faith that those full-length novels will be all new favorites for me to fall in love with.