The Perfect Gentleman by Delaney Foster Review


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For Nathan Alexander it’s not an option. It’s a way of life.
As an attorney he defends the defenseless. But, when the suit comes off and the gloves go on, he finds his passion is teaching others to defend themselves. His life was purposefully methodical. Completely under control. Just the way he likes it. Until Emma McClain stumbles into his gym. Battered. Broken. And utterly breathtaking.

After his last relationship, Alex swore he’d never give another woman the power to hurt him. But with her unforgettable smile and killer legs, Emma has him fighting for control.

Will he be able to save her before it’s too late? Or will an unexpected revelation cost them both the ultimate price?

**Author’s note: Contains intense and emotional depictions of abuse. Please do not read lightly.


Emma is in a relationship that is so killing her on the inside. Consumed by guilt and every aspect of her life being controlled by her abusive boyfriend, Emma sees no way out. Alex is trying to pick up the pieces of his broken heart but it just isn’t working, that is until Emma walks into his life. Alex wants to be her knight in shinning armour and rescue the beautiful Emma from the lonely and sad life she is living. But will Alex be able to win her over and rescue her? Will Emma be able to trust and let someone in? Or will the obstacles in their path be too much and keep them apart for good? 

“To the world, I have my shit together. On the inside, I’m falling apart.”

This was a very emotional and intense read about two broken people trying to overcome the huge obstacles in their path and find love again. It kept you hooked with each page and had me wanting to reach into the story to help Alex save Emma! 

“And the world around us completely stills, as if the universe is taking its own personal moment of silence at the desecration of one of its angels. Or maybe that’s just how it seems because all I can see is her, all I can hear is her, all that exists is her and her utter brokenness.”

Alex was indeed the perfect gentleman- he was the epitome of a white knight in shinning armour, helping to save our beautiful and kind Emma not only from her abusive partner but also herself. I loved how careful and patient he was with her and you could just feel how much he loved her and wanted/needed her. Emma might seem weak to some, but her strength to carry on despite what she is dealing with is so admirable. She never truly gives up on hope or herself, and she knows deep down she deserves so much more. I really liked how real Emma was and instantly felt a connection.

“So, you see, he might be a monster now. But he was once a human being, a kind, gentle human being. I did this. I stole his soul and made him the man he is. So, I have no right to hate him. I created him.”     

The plot was captivating and there were some real moments of not knowing if things were going to work out between them. It was romantic and beautiful and sad all at the same time. Their chemistry was electric and their connection was truly beautiful. They really were perfect for each other and each understood what the other needed. The drama of Emma’s ex added some tension and suspense to the story but overall this was just a love story of two people trying to heal themselves and each other.

“Love isn’t always beautiful. Sometimes it’s messy. Sometimes it’s complicated. Sometimes it’s senseless and even a little f*****g crazy. You’ll wake up some mornings and you’ll want to quit. But you won’t. You can’t. Because even when it feels like you’re wandering through the forest, you still manage to find yourself. Alive. Redeemed. And you can’t go back to the way you were.”


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