Sep 14

The Rebound by Kendall Ryan Review



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The last thing my newly single—and pregnant—neighbor Kinley needs is a fling. So, I make it my job to protect her from guys like me.

Which is the perfect distraction, because I’m suddenly in a whole bunch of hot water.

My coach hates me. And with our team captain now watching my every move, I need to start taking things more seriously.

Forced to walk the straight and narrow or face serious consequences, I’m willing to try something new—being a good guy. But the part of this that’s not an act? Helping out Kinley.

There’s just one problem. The girl I’m falling for? She’s the team captain’s sister. 

Kinley is funny and sweet and she’s . . . um, very pregnant.

And even though my spot on this team depends on it . . . I can’t let her go.

* * * * * * * * * *


If you’ve read any of the other books in Kendall Ryan’s Looking to Score series, you’ve met Price St. James, or Saint, the hero in The Rebound. He’s a charming, bad boy hockey player on the verge of spiraling out of control. Kinley, his new neighbor and his teammate’s sister, is very pregnant, new to the building, and the only person who doesn’t seem to know a thing about him or his wild ways.

Saint is spending his off season laying low after his last scandal when he meets Kinley. He’s immediately drawn to her, and he’s the first friend she makes when she moves to town. Their slow burn, friends-to-lovers romance was EVERYTHING. It was so sweet, so romantic and full of hope and heat and heart. I loved them so much. They had some obstacles to overcome, namely Kinley’s brother, but Saint stood firm, stayed true and gave him time to come around.

A sexy, tender, emotional love story, I couldn’t read The Rebound fast enough.  I loved Saint and Kinley, and I was so happy to see some of my favorite side characters from other books make appearances. Kendall Ryan has found another niche in hockey romances—she’s put out some truly fantastic ones, and this book is another one of them. The Rebound by Kendall Ryan gets 4.5 smooches from me!

~Danielle Palumbo




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