The Romance Plan by Lila Monroe Review



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Love romantic comedies? Enjoy the sizzling new standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe!

I need a happily-ever-after — and fast. I finally landed my dream job as a book editor when our new boss announces that the company is about to go bust.

Our only hope? Getting a famously eccentric romance author to deliver her new novel.. eight years overdue. Oh, and that infuriating, arrogant new CEO? Turns out he’s the mysterious guy who made out with me in the street last night, leaving my head spinning, and my other parts…

Well, let’s just say, I won’t be needing my e-reader for inspiration alone in bed tonight.

I can’t figure out if I want to slap his infuriatingly handsome face — or kiss it senseless, but either way, we’re stuck working together to magic a bestseller out of thin air. And maybe it’s the late nights, or the steamy material, but Liam Sterling isn’t the snooty jerk I thought.

Soon, our chemistry is sizzling out of control. But can we find our happily-ever-after, or will we burn out before the final chapter? Find out in the hot and hilarious new rom-com from Lila Monroe!

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An opposites-attract, workplace romance, Lila Monroe’s The Romance Plan was a quick read that I devoured in a day. Light-hearted yet sexy, it was heavy on the comedy and high on the heat.

Eliza and Liam come together as foes when Liam arrives to run his late absentee father’s publishing company where she is an editor. Working together to save the company from the precarious financial situation his dad left it in, they grow closer as the chemistry between them becomes impossible to ignore. Months of late nights, weekends in bed, and coaxing an old school romance author/diva into finishing her book, and they’ve slipped into full on coupledom.  But when it comes down to the wire, a misunderstanding drives them apart, and in the ensuing days, it’s becomes clear that one of them made a grave mistake. I loved these two together precisely because they were so very different. Uptight, closed-off, stiff suit Liam and stars-in-her-eyes, clumsy Eliza wouldn’t match well on paper, but the sparks flying, flirtatious banter and sizzling chemistry were pretty hard to resist.

The Romance Plan was a lot of fun, and it had its fair share of awkwardly cute and nerdy comedy. While it was definitely pretty steamy, there weren’t a lot of swoony, romantic moments—straight-laced, all business Liam wasn’t really that kind of guy. Even still, I enjoyed this book—it was cute, charming and very entertaining. The Romance Plan by Lila Monroe gets four smooches from me!

~ Danielle Palumbo




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