Jul 23

The Rookie by Kendall Ryan Review



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He has everything a man could want. A lucrative hockey contract. Adoring fans. A family who loves him.

But he’s about to throw it all away. Logan Tate’s name is dominating the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Instead of goals and assists, the talented young defenseman has been racking up fights and suspensions.

I work with athletes who are struggling, but Logan’s different. He’s not just going to blow his season, but his entire career. And now he can’t return to the ice until he deals with his issues, but the stubborn man won’t let anyone get close enough to help.

Which is why I packed up and followed him to his family’s property in the remote mountains of Colorado. He can’t avoid me here.

The only problem?

I can’t avoid him either. He’s chopping wood and building fires, rescuing my car from snowy ditches, and inviting me to Sunday dinners with his loud extended family. He’s a whole lot of man, but beneath all those hard edges is an unexpected tenderness.

Tempted or not, I have to stay out of his bed and get him back to the ice . . . no matter how difficult that might be. 

* * * * * * * * * *


The third book in Kendall Ryan’s Looking to Score series, The Rookie is a touching and steamy opposites attract, forbidden sports romance. I love Kendall’s writing so much. Her stories run the gamut from fun, lighter-hearted reads to romantic comedies to contemporary romances full of feels and fire. I love this series so much—I can’t get enough of these players and their stories! Kendall Ryan has done a phenomenal job with all of her hockey romances, but this series is a bit more emotional and angsty.

Logan and Summer’s story pairs a young, angry hockey player in a downward spiral with his team-appointed counselor. Logan Tate has it all, but he’s lost what mattered most to him. He’s a talented hockey player, but his on-ice performance is suffering. He’s distracted, he’s depressed, and he’s discouraged. That frustration builds until it finally erupts, and his coach has no choice but to act. Summer is just starting her own business counseling athletes, and in the male dominated sports healthcare profession, she’s got her work cut out for her.

The problem is that pesky chemistry between them. Holed up on his family’s ranch in Colorado, she gets a full helping of the entire Tate family. For a girl who’s alone in this world, his family sucks her in and she falls just as hard for them as she does for Logan. But with her budding career on the line, she’s got hard choices to make.

The Rookie was a sexy, tender, emotional love story.  I loved Logan and Summer, I loved the side characters, especially Logan’s hilarious family, and I couldn’t read this one fast enough. I can’t wait for the next book in this series! The Rookie by Kendall Ryan gets 4.5 smooches from me!

~Danielle Palumbo




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