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Indulge in this collection that begins with Mr. Right Now and Captain Romance — two romances between virgins and athletes that complete the bestselling RULES OF LOVE series.

Mr. Right Now
I’ve got a problem. After a dozen failed dates – but who’s counting – I’m done hunting for Mr. Right. I’m more than ready to cash in my V-card, and at this point I’ll gladly hand it over to Mr. Right Now. When I go out with my friends for a night on the town, I bump into the perfect candidate. A guy from my past who kissed like a dream but took off before we could say goodbye. The swoony, charming pro athlete is back in the city and he’s as ready to help me with my project as he is to win baseball games. The next morning, I’m deliciously satisfied and I know I’ve chosen wisely. But when he leaves again, I can’t stop wondering — what if Mr. Right Now is actually Mr. Right? And how do I get him back?

Captain Romance
I don’t have luck on my side when it comes to romance. That’s why I’m laser focused on my career as a sports reporter and making a mark as a woman in this tough field.
When one of the city’s baseball stars asks me to spend a night on the town, I have to draw the line. Just friends, I say.
He’s good with that.
Very good with that.
So good that I start falling for my new friend.
Of all the swoony, charming, thoughtful men in this big city, why is the one I want thoroughly off-limits? But if I want a chance with the guy they call Captain Romance, I’m going to have to put more than my heart on the line.

This collection also includes Kiss Your Tulips, Limo Bang, and DogFishing, three stories set in the Rules of Love world.

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A fantastic collection of romantic comedy novellas and short stories from Lauren Blakely, The Virgin Scorecard was exactly what I wanted to read right now. All of the stories in this collection were quick reads set in fun, engaging tropes and got straight to the good stuff—the addictively steamy romances!

Mr. Right Now is a novella featuring the surprise reunion of high school sweethearts, Shane, a professional baseball player, and Clementine, a virgin. I loved following their sweet and seriously sexy second-chance romance—including a prom redo—as they rekindled their relationship!

Captain Romance, a friends-to-lovers forbidden romance novella, features baseball player and romance-novel-reader, Sullivan, and the sports reporter, Erin, covering his team. Despite being a quick read, Blakely indulges readers with a swoony, sexy slow burn build-up between this virgin and her ballplayer.

Kiss Your Tulips, a short story pairing florist, Frankie, and baseball catcher, Drew, in the sweetest meet cute of the collection. Frankie isn’t sure if Drew is flirting with her or just a friendly patron, and their wildly witty, pun-filled banter blossoms into a seriously hot connection.

Dog Fishing, a F/F epilogue/short story about Nova, a podcaster, who’s got a crush on comedian, Matilda.

Three Dates With You features two UK-based bar owners, Maeve, and Sam, who became fast friends after Maeve’s business partner and Sam’s good friend, Dean, left to plan his wedding in the US. Dave is newly divorced and not looking for a relationship, and Maeve is focused on her bar. Both of them have some events coming up and agree to attend them together. Cue the flirty banter, fireworks and feels in this friends-to-lovers novella!

My Single-Versary is a novella featuring happily single Skylar who’s on a trip celebrating her one year anniversary of being single. She challenges herself to do things outside of her comfort zone on this adventure, and promptly finds herself with her own personal tour guide as she snorkels and zip-lines her way through Hawaii. Caleb owns a tour company, and he lives by the mantra that you never date a client. They have plenty of exciting experiences below the surface and dangling from the tree-tops, but the truly heart-racing ones are those that they have together.

Limo Bang, a frenemies-to-lovers short story, pairs two rival billionaire baseball team owners in a seriously sexy, tit-for-tat situation. Marlow and Hudson have the kind of chemistry that radiates off them and other people can see and feel. They end up in their own dirty version of one-up-manship with highest of stakes – their hearts and a happily ever after.

Blakely caps this collection off with a teaser chapter of from A Wild Card Kiss, due out February 25, 2022 about a single dad and the woman who got away.

The Virgin Scorecard collection was fun and fiery and full of all the fantastic, feel-good moments and emotions I love from Lauren Blakely. It was the perfect little treat for this busy time of year and teeming with heat, humor and heart. Five smooches from me for The Virgin Scorecard by Lauren Blakely!

~Danielle Palumbo




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