Twisted by Callie Hart Review

Twisted by Callie Hart cover



How many times can a person fall down and still get back up? How many times can things go wrong before you just give up?
I’ve lost everything. My home, my job, my purpose in life—everything has been turned upside down. But while life hasn’t exactly turned out the way I would have liked it to, I wouldn’t change a thing. If things were different, I wouldn’t have Lacey. I wouldn’t have Michael.
But most importantly, I wouldn’t have him
I’ve realized what I feel. He knew it before I did. Only one question remains:
Is he capable of feeling the same way?


Secrets are a prison, and I have been behind bars for years. Sloane Romera has been turning keys in all of my locks, throwing light on corners of my mind that I thought would forever be shrouded in darkness. Or at least I had hoped would be. 
I have done so many wrongs in this life, and yet this woman has forgiven me. She’s done something I never thought possible—she has learned to understand me, and she hasn’t run. She’s amazed me. She’s saved me. She’s fallen in love with me.
If it’s within my power, I’m about to do the same for her.


Whew. I feel like I just got out of a dark movie theater after watching a seriously intense show. I mean, WOW. There are so many things that happen in this 5th installment in the Blood and Roses series from Callie Hart, that I am…shocked. This story is not just Zeth and Sloane. This story has so many levels, with so many players that it leaves your head spinning, in the most desirable way. Personally, I love books that leave you reeling, keep you guessing, make you gobble up the words in one afternoon. This series has always been that way for me, but this installment, it knocked me off my feet. Let’s break it down a bit. Zeth and Sloane are running from the DEA, with the help of Michael, Zeth’s right-hand man. Alright, that’s about where everything goes to shit. Sloane and Lacey are left alone, this doesn’t bode well. Sloane gets hurt, which only lights the fire within Zeth to epic proportions. Oh, right, there is a run-in with Julio, your friendly neighborhood drug lord and Mr. Psycho himself, Charlie. Lacey is having a hard time after confessing to Sloane what has her so messed up. Yes that’s right, you get to hear the sordid details which will only make your blood boil and Sloane is trying to keep everyone together, as a team. She has now come to grips with the fact that she has chosen Zeth, has chosen Lacey, has chosen the danger over the white picket fence. This is what she wants. Of course, she needs everyone to be safe, but she is not stupid enough to think that life with Zeth will be peachy. It will be filled with sadness, and heartache, and worry. A lot of worry. It’s what she wants though. Now explaining that to Zeth is going to be difficult. You can only imagine. He is a very difficult man when it comes to realizing his own feelings. He just flat out refuses to do it. But right from the get go, in the seriously steamy opening scene, he is starting to realize that he needs her. He needs Sloane.

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There are so many tangents that this amazing story can go in. And will, I have no doubt. Reading about them is addicting. Seeing the cover on my Kindle is like a rush of excitement. I am never disappointed when I open it up and jump into the fray with Zeth and Sloane. It’s seriously a great way to spend the afternoon.