Jun 20

Wingman by Katie McCoy Review

3.5 Smooches


Chase McKenna is the hottest bartender in the city… and he knows it. Sexy, charming, and abs for days? It’s no wonder every girl who walks through the doors is panting for him.

Except me.

I’m stuck crushing on my perfect boss, who has zero idea I’m even alive. I need a plan to catch his attention… and who better to teach me the tricks of seduction than Mr. Panty—Dropper himself?

The rules are simple: no strings, no stress, and definitely no feelings. But it turns out, Chase is way more than I bargained for, and as for the sparks flying between us…?

You can’t teach chemistry like this.

Soon, we’re throwing our lesson plan out the window — and our clothes right after it. We’re breaking all the rules, and my heart’s on the line, but now I’m wondering…

Must all good flings come to an end?


Kelsey has been in love with her boss for years….he’s gorgeous, British, charming and funny but he doesn’t know Kelsey exists. So she turns to the cocky, pantry dropper bartender, confident and drop dead sexy Chace, for help. She’s determined Chace can teach her to be sexy and finally grab her boss’s attention and with firm rules in place it should be easy right? Wrong, neither of them could have predicted the sparks between them were about to turn into a full blown fire of sexual chemistry and attraction.

“No words had ever sounded so good to me. I’d never had a man look at me the way that Chase was, hot and intense, and that look from him gave me the power and confidence I had always wanted.”

I found Kelsey really relatable- you could tell she was a kind, sweet, funny woman who was beautiful but just couldn’t see it herself. We are all guilty of not believing we are sexy or dating material and her attitude towards it was so relatable. Despite lacking confidence she still had this bright energy and kindness that made her likeable.

“I swallowed back my heartache. Whatever had happened between Chase and me had been intended as fun. And now it wasn’t fun anymore. Now it just plain hurt.”

I LOVED Chace, yes he was sexy and knew it and yes he was a bit of player in the beginning but from the very beginning he has known Kelsey was beautiful and gorgeous and didn’t need to change anything about herself and the fact he thinks Justin is an idiot for not thinking the same thing literally made my heart sigh…so true and so refreshing. He was funny and sexy and a great friend and it was so much fun reading about these two coming together and realising that they are actually the perfect match!

You showed me what it means to be confident—how it feels to be sexy. You made me feel desired and attractive and funny and interesting. You’re my friend, but what I feel for you is so much more. You saw me for all my messiness and weirdness and you still accepted me.”

This was a classic feel good rom-com so if you want an easy read and something that will make you laugh and smile then this is the perfect read for you. For me, it didn’t have enough drama in it and it was a little predictable. I loved the characters and wanted to see them get their HEA so I definitely wanted to keep reading to see them battle through their confusing feelings and annoying ex’s but I was also looking for something a little edgier, a bit more dramatic to take it from just a feel good read to a read that had something different about it. I did enjoy this story though; I especially loved the laughter and the background characters that were also so likeable. So overall- a great story for those looking for an easy rom-com read with characters you will easily like and connect with!



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