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4 Smooches

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Wanderlust’s bad-boy rocker, Alan Price, didn’t know what he wanted until it was gone—or at least heading for the door. Alan’s closest friend, Nora Barton, who also happens to be the manager of his band, has confided her attraction to a rival musician. Alan is stunned; even more so when the beautiful Nora asks him to teach her the sexual skills she’ll need to seduce the infamous Derek Devlin.  Alan tries to dissuade her, but Nora’s mind is made up. His only hope is to win her over the way he knows best—in bed. But even Alan’s prodigious sexual talents may not be enough to convince Nora to give him a chance to be more than a friend.

I pretty much detest novellas in general.  I know that is horrible to say but I often find them rushed.  They usually leave me with a feeling of incompleteness.  Not this one, folks!  I could not believe this was Felina Dark’s first book.   It was not rushed at all.  I really felt like I read a complete novel.  I think this must be really hard to do as an author because I have read some really crappy novellas.  It was really eloquently written and the characters were completely lovable.

I loved how Alan was your quintessential rocker, hooking up with groupies, and generally whoring around but still having a sweet and sensitive side.  Total bad ass sweetness.  I really dig this in my rocker books, but the real star of this book, for me, was Nora.  Which is totally rare.  I usually like the boys better.  😉  But, Nora just drew me in.  She was just so quirky and logical, and innocent, and a seductress at the same time.  She was a big heap of contradictions and I absolutely loved her for it.

Now, lets get to the nitty gritty of what I REALLY loved about this book.  Holy moley, the sex was smokin hot!  Whew!  Felina really knows how to write some erotic scenes.  It was dirty dirty and I was glued to my kindle.

“Suck me, Nora, let me come, just let–” The rest of his words were not even coherent to him.

For a moment, he submerged.  Then felt pleasantly afloat in the warm harbor of Nora’s mouth.  He let himself drift in that exquisite pool as his body hung limp and weightless.  It took long minutes for him to resurface.  Gradually, visions of brooms and cartons and whiffs of ammonia slowly ebbed and flowed with the glossy feel of hair and the labored sound of her breathing.

Hot tears stung his cheeks. He clenched and unclenched to chase the numbness from his fingers before he sat up and looked at Nora.

Do y’all see what I am talking about?  Virgin Nora made hot bad boy Alan cry with a BJ.  Girl has skills.  Nora is bad ass!  But anyways, wasn’t that hot?  Felina can really write a dirty scene and make it sound eloquent and sweet.  Phew!

Great debut book, Felina Dark.  She informs me there is more to come in this series and I have to tell you, I am literally dying to get my hands on the next book.  4 out of 5 smooches!



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