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ROYALLY IN TROUBLE, the highly anticipated, sexy and suspenseful sequel to the bestselling royal romance Royally Not Ready from USA Today Bestselling Author, Meghan Quinn, is available now!

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I keep telling myself, it’ll all work out… but now I’m not sure we’re going to make it out of this alive.



I have two responsibilities as the new heir to the throne:

1. Get married.
2. Have babies.

Sure, becoming queen one day is part of those new responsibilities, but as long as King Theo is in charge, I don’t have to add a coronation to my list.

That’s why I find myself in the throes of wedding planning, pre-wedding classes with my broody, over-protective fiancé, and counting down the days until we can finally say I do.

But with every day we grow closer to our wedding, we seem to grow apart.

Our commonalities are tested.
Our faith in each other is questioned.
And our safety is threatened.
The only thing working? The command he has over me in the bedroom.

I keep telling myself, it’ll all work out. We just need to make it to the wedding day. Except, when the day finally comes, everything falls apart.

We might have made it through the last few months together, but now I’m not sure we’re going to make it out of this alive.




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Releases in audio on June 12th! Narrated by Samantha Brentmoor, John Hartley & James Joseph.


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“…a charming and captivating romance that will whisked me off on a royal adventure.” ~Danielle, Red Cheeks Reads


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The editors of the highly esteemed Torskethorpe Daily are pleased to announce that we had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Her Royal Highness, Princess Lilija, and our soon-to-be Prince, Keller Fitzwilliam, about their recent engagement, their loving relationship, and the future of Torskethorpe. From our perspective, Torskethorpe is in good hands.

TD: Thank you so much for sitting down with us. We want to first offer our congratulations on your recent engagement. If you can’t tell already, the country is ecstatic and has been celebrating for the past four days. I know our readers want to know the details, but let’s get started with how you met.

HRH: Thank you. We’re excited too. It all feels so surreal, but then again, so has this journey. One day, I was in Miami, selling bathing suits while in a bikini when Keller came up to me and said . . . I’m the last heir to the throne in a country called Torskethorpe. It was the beginning of a fairy tale for us.

TD: So, Keller, you’re the one who went to retrieve our treasured Princess Lilija?

KF: Yes. I was working for King Theodore at the time as his private secretary. He trusted me not only to retrieve Princess Lilija but also to educate her about our country and culture.

TD: That must have been a culture shock.

HRH: To say the least. But with every day that passed, it felt like I was coming home. I kept having these flashbacks to my mom and the traditions we shared that I had no idea belonged to this country. I might have been an outsider, but truly, on the inside, this country was running through my veins.

TD: We love that. And the people of this country can see it. You’re such a warm, welcoming soul, and you truly are an embodiment of King Theodore and Queen Katla. And from what we’ve heard, they’re more than thrilled about your engagement. Tell us a little bit about it.

HRH: I’ll let Keller tell that story. He planned it, after all.

KF: When we first brought Princess Lilija to Torskethorpe, we had to keep her a secret because we didn’t want to get the country’s hopes up about a possible heir. We took her to Harrogate. This is where we stayed for weeks, educating the princess on the country and its culture.

HRH: And where I fell in love with not only Torskethorpe but also with Keller.

KF: When I decided to propose, I knew there was only one place I wanted to take her. I told her about an art exhibition at Harrogate and took her down to the castle, only to surprise her with a rooftop proposal, one of the first places I knew Princess Lilija was meant to be in my life forever.

TD: Princess Lilija, were you surprised?

HRH: Very much so. I had no idea. I thought we were going to go watch people paint the castle and landscape, and when Keller took me to the roof, I immediately started crying. It was an easy yes for me. I couldn’t imagine marrying anyone else.

TD: Do you have a wedding date yet? I know it’s soon, but the readers will want to know.

HRH: Not yet, but I believe the wedding will be sooner rather than later . . . at least that’s what I’ve been told.

KF: [Keller kisses the back of Princess Lilija’s hand] The sooner the better for me.

TD: Are you planning a traditional Torskethorpian wedding?

HRH: I plan on honoring this country as much as I can when it comes to our marriage and what my future role has for me.

TD: And are you ready to take on your future role? The Queen of Torskethorpe?

HRH: [gazes lovingly at Keller] I know with Keller by my side, I’ll be ready for anything that comes my way.

I toss the paper to the side, disgust on the edge of my tongue.

“Going to be ready for anything that comes her way? Doubtful,” I say as I glance up at Pickering, my assistant. “I need you to get me in touch with Magnus.”

Pickering’s eyes widen in question. “His Royal Highness Magnus?” he asks.

“Yes.” I lean back in my desk chair. “Something needs to be done about this engagement, and I know he’s the exact person to help me.”

Pickering nods, turns away from my desk, and heads out of my office. I stare at the happy smiles of the newly engaged couple. Lilija looks just like her mum. It’s almost sickening how close they resemble each other. And Keller . . . how was he able to wiggle his way into the future queen’s pants?

Seems convenient.

Seems calculated.

Seems like I have no other choice but to do something about it.

Because over my dead body will Keller Fitzwilliam lead Torskethorpe.




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