REVIEW: Perfect Together by Kristen Ashley


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Wyn and Remy Gastineau were perfect together…

Until, without warning, Remy walks out on their life, their love and their marriage.

Wyn is blindsided and heartbroken. It takes her years to get over the loss of Remy.

Sometime later, their children call a family meeting and Remy is acting strange. Wyn refuses to hope. Remy has moved on. She must do the same.

But she’s wrong.

Remy wants her back and he’s pulling no punches. He’s determined to do the work to piece together the marriage he shattered. Forced by circumstances to tell Wyn things he never wanted her to know, Remy reveals his tragic secrets.

As the family reels from pain long buried now laid bared, Wyn realizes instead of letting go, she has to hold tight to the man and the family they made that’s perfect together.

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Kristen Ashley’s Perfect Together is an emotionally charged and consuming romance novel that proves true love can conquer all. Ashley’s masterful storytelling draws readers into a world filled with raw emotions, intricate relationships, and a love that transcends time. Prepare to be swept away by the powerful connection between the characters and a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you breathless.

The novel follows the journey of Wyn and Remy Gastineau, two individuals with a complex history and a deep-seated love that never truly faded. Ashley’s characters are exquisitely crafted, with layers of depth and authenticity that make them relatable and utterly compelling. Wyn and Remy’s chemistry is electric, and the intensity of their emotions leaps off the page, engulfing readers in their passion, their love and the history between them that spans years.

Ashley’s writing style is poetic, evocative, and immersive, allowing readers to experience every emotion and sensation alongside the characters. The pacing is perfectly balanced, with moments of heart-pounding tension, heartwarming tenderness, and heart-wrenching revelations. Perfect Together is a testament to Ashley’s ability to create intricate and believable relationships, delving into the complexities of love, forgiveness, and the power of second chances.

A brilliant portrayal of a failed marriage healing into a second-chance romance, KA’s impeccable storytelling, beautifully flawed characters and moving love story completely captured my heart. A breathtaking journey filled with passion, emotion and a love that defies all odds, Perfect Together was a shining example of the transformative power of love. There were twists and turns and a bit of mystery intermingled with a steamy, passionate second-chance romance, and I positively devoured this unputdownable story in a single setting. Five smooches from me for Perfect Together by Kristen Ashley!

~Danielle Palumbo



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