Dirty Little Freaks Review

Dirty Little Freaks by Jaden Wilkes





So, When I heard this was going be Punk Rock book with lots of kinky sex, of course my reaction was GREAT!!

I was not let down! Dirty Little Freaks is a true love story in the dirtiest way possible. Not only is this book sexy, gritty, hot, and, kinky but it is a fantastic love story that kept me rooting for the pair the whole way  through the book!

Jaden Wilkes wrote a story that will turn you and make you feel tingly in all kinds of places, but make your heart swell at the same time. This story is sexy, endearing ,and hilarious all at the time.


Jade is a twenty-something  punk party girl with tattoos and bright colored hair who does not care what you think! Jade spends her time working in a sex shop and partying it up when she can! Jade drinks, does drugs, and enjoys some kinky sex. Between partying and working in the sex shop she is so disillusioned with sex that even she can admit she does not get enough. On the rare occasion when she does have sex it is random and reckless. She knows she is missing love, goals, and moving forward with her life but is stuck where she is.


Hush is the scorching hot new bass player for Bondo. With his green Mohawk, perfect ass, and penchant for a good time he is just what any girl would want! Jade and Hush meet at a Bondo gig and with the help of a little E and a whole lot of alcohol Jade decides Hush is the answer to her dry spell. He is tattooed and oozes sex and Jade is determined to have him and won’t wait! It doesn’t take long for this quick good time to turn into an actual relationship with actual drama. This is definitely something neither one of them are really prepared for and they don’t how how to deal with all they are feeling!

It is hard not to go all girl crush on Hush. He is fun and adventurous (wink wink) and just pure sex. But even more he is sweet and really kind with Jade. What girl doesn’t want a super sexy man who knows how to talk sweet to her too!

Now for the fun part! If you like dirty, raw ,and kinky sex than you are my kind of reader and will love this book. This book features public sex, M/F/M threesome, sex with drug use ,and much much more! I loved it. My girly parts were tingling from the beginning from the hotness and I was never got let down only turned on!

 Now, for my warning . . .


This book is full of SEX and DRUGS . . .dirty, kinky ,and at times unprotected sex. There is mass amounts of drug use and characters do not always make the best decisions . . . but those are some of the best parts! 😉 If you are a bit of a prude then this book is probably not for you, but if you have an open mind and enjoy a good sexy read then this book will definitely rev your engine!

This book was delicious! It was a great story that was also sexy and raw! Dirty Little Freaks was an easy read and I was able to read this book in one day. So caught up in it, that I had to force myself to take potty breaks because changing peed on clothes would have taken longer and distracted me from my reading. I was laughing hysterically from the very first copywrite page and continued throughout the whole book. I honestly never knew what to expect to come next and loved that about it. Dirty Little Freaks is a hot, racy, gritty, and fun but above all it is a great love story!