Q&A with Amelia Hutchins Author of The Fae Chronicles


1 What got you stated writing? 

I started writing for fun a long time ago, and eventually had to get them out on paper. My grandmother started my huge imagination, so credit to her for all those stories she made me tell to everyone around the campfires.
2 Are any of your characters based on someone in real life?

No, I wish I knew some of the characters. But sadly, I didn’t base them on anyone.
3 What do you like to do in your down time?

I have not taken any down time since I released Fighting Destiny, but I like camping and doing nerdy stuff. I read…when I’m between books, but only when I have finished and released one.
4 What’s next?

After this series is over. I have some spin offs planned for Ristan and the other guys. I’m also working on an Dystopian Paranormal Romance, as well as a new series with Angel, Demons, and everything else that goes bump in the night.
5 What celebrity does Ryder resemble to you?

Oh, hmm, none? Ryder came to me in my head fully formed, and with those damn sexy primal eyes. I really can’t think one, but if I could pick this image from my head, I’d show ya!

Thanks for having me! Hope you enjoy the series.