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He just might be too good to be true…



Heiress Daphne Ryan is uncertain about spending a week at the sprawling country estate of the family of her sister’s boyfriend. For starters, she doesn’t get along with her sister. Then there’s the fact his family is old, wealthy aristocracy, and Daphne’s from brash, new American money.

Mostly, it’s that everyone knows Duncroft House is haunted by the ghost of a 1920s film star who died there. Deemed an accident, for nearly a century, people are sure it was murder.

Daphne doesn’t like scary things, say…haunted houses. She likes it less when strange things start happening to her when she arrives.

But she finds she has a surprising ally.

Ian Alcott, the heir to the earldom, is rich, gorgeous and just as concerned about the frightening things that keep befalling Daphne at his ancestral family home. As he moves to protect her, Daphne finds he’s also funny, kind and sexy as hell.

Indeed, he just might be too good to be true.

Too Good to Be True is a murder mystery romance that debuted on Kindle Vella on February 1, 2023. If you read Vella, you can read the whole book there right now!




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“An addictive fusion of suspenseful mystery and sizzling romance…” ~Danielle, Red Cheeks Reads


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We all fell into uncomfortable silence as we sipped our soup.

It was a heavy, but delicious cream of brie.

I was on spoonful number three when a deep, droll, silky voice noted, “It seems the family text string has failed us yet again.”

I had my spoon over my bowl and my eyes on the double doors that led into the Turquoise Room as Ian Alcott sauntered in.

Well, hell.

He wasn’t just dark to Daniel’s light.

He was two inches taller than Daniel at least. He was broader. He had the thighs of a rugby player. And if the Alcott blue eyes were startling with Daniel’s fair coloring, they were disconcerting with Ian’s dark.

Striking blue, the deep color of the Mediterranean.

I tore my gaze from him to see Portia’s face pinched in a way reminiscent of when she was studying for an exam she should have started studying for days earlier, and Daniel’s face was creeping with red, because his cover had just been blown.

Handsome, magnanimous younger brother was out the window.

He was the spare.

The real deal had just strolled into the joint, and damn, but if Ian Alcott didn’t make that brutally clear.

I’d seen pictures of him too, and his good looks were not lost on me.

However, the man in the flesh was so much better, I was suddenly finding it hard to breathe.

He was magnetic.

And he knew it.

“And the family expands,” he drawled, those preposterously beautiful, blue eyes pinning me to my seat. He stopped at my side. “I take it you’re Daphne.”

I put my spoon down and offered him my hand. “I am.”

He didn’t take my hand at first, not out of rudeness, he was caught up in the perusal of my cleavage.

And that was rude.

There was a slight smirk on his full lips when his fingers finally closed warm and tight around mine.

He also, I didn’t fail to note, had big hands, and he might have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but somewhere along the line, he’d earned callouses on his fingers.

“Pleasure,” he murmured, the word roaming my skin like a physical touch.

I pulled my hand from his and replied in a way it couldn’t be mistaken I didn’t mean, “Mutual, I’m sure.”

The smirk turned into a sexy sneer.

While I dealt with that, he looked beyond me.




About Kristen Ashley:

Kristen Ashley is the New York Times bestselling author of over eighty romance novels. She’s a hybrid author, publishing titles both independently and traditionally, her books have been translated in fourteen languages and she’s sold millions of books.

Kristen, born in Gary and raised in Brownsburg, Indiana and was a fourth-generation graduate of Purdue University. Since, she has lived in Denver, the West Country of England, and she now resides in Phoenix. She worked as a charity executive for eighteen years prior to beginning her independent publishing career. She now writes full-time.

Although romance is her genre, the prevailing themes running through all of Kristen’s novels are friendship, family and a strong sisterhood. To this end, and as a way to thank her readers for their support, Kristen has created the Rock Chick Nation, a series of programs that are designed to give back to her readers and promote a strong female community. You can learn more about Kristen and the Rock Chick Nation on her website.

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