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Modest wife and mother. Lover of all things romance and her kindle. Also, the funniest person you ever met!







Wife, Mommy, Crafter, Reader of smutty books, Stalker of authors.17904259_10158486302260414_4178920541399651337_n









Wife & mother. Diehard NY Rangers hockey fan and the goalie’s crazy mom. Known for the ability to #Hashtag anything and hold entire conversations via .GIF. Reading romance novels is my jam.


  1. Karen Massee

    I have been reading romance books for years, and recently started leaving reviews on Amazon and Good Reads. I didn’t get much of a response so I thought perhaps I wasn’t very good, so my reviews have tapered off. But I thought I might try again with your site.

  2. Leanne J

    i work for Lizzy Ford contacting bloggers who might be interested in posting for us and possible reviews. Would you all be interested? Here is her Good Reads page look and see if you are interested Thanks


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