Sep 23

Once Upon A Sure Thing by Lauren Blakely Review



It’s so easy being best friends with a gorgeous, talented, charming guy.

Said no woman ever. Except me.

My friendship with Miller is a sure thing — he’s my plus one, my emergency contact, and my shoulder to lean on. He’s also been by my side helping me raise one helluva awesome kid who’s the center of my world.

Nothing will change our easy breezy friendship. Until I have the bright idea to convince him to start a new band with me.

Trouble is, our sizzling chemistry in the recording studio is getting harder to ignore, no matter how risky it might be.


Sing sexy songs with the woman you’ve been lusting after? Get up close and personal as you croon to the woman you’ve wanted for years?

Piece of cake.

Performing with the sweet, sassy and insanely wonderful Ally is like one gigantic obstacle course of challenges for my libido. And my libido is one sexy love song away from kissing her senseless and taking her home.

But, I’m not a serious kind of guy, and she’s not a one-night-stand kind of woman. If we cross the horizontal line, we might risk our sure thing and end up out of tune forever…


I love a good friends-to-lovers romance, and Lauren Blakely gave readers a truly fantastic one in Once Upon A Sure Thing. I stated in my review of Once Upon A Good Time, the first book in The Heartbreakers series, that this series was poised to become my favorite from her, and she definitely took a giant step in that direction with this book. This series is everything I hope for when I reach for a romantic comedy. These stories are light and fun and so sexy, and Blakely works her magic by blending heat and humor into three-hundred pages of banter-filled, book-based reading bliss.

In Once Upon A Sure Thing, the second Heartbreaker brother, Miller, and his long-time best friend, Ally, are up in a sweet and romantic best-friends-to-lovers romance. These two characters endeared themselves to me from the start, and I enjoyed every minute of their story so much. They already had loads of natural chemistry and an obviously deep connection as friends, but it was all sparks and fire when they stepped outside of the friend-zone into a mutually—ahem—beneficial scenario. Six years of suppressed desire, six years of denied emotion, six years of unacknowledged lust bubbled to the surface in a sexy eruption when Ally and Miller took another first in their relationship and started singing together. Their charismatic performances were positively electric, and it wasn’t long before they were heating up the studio—and burning up the sheets. Blakely takes readers along for the ride as Ally and Miller navigate these new feelings and figure things out.

Once Upon A Sure Thing was a feel-good, heart-fluttering, fanning-my-face story that left me happy and smiling when I finished reading it. An addictively charming love story between two people who were clearly meant to be, Once Upon A Sure Thing was a playful and passionate story that I simply could not put down. Blakely did the impossible and left me sated by this story yet hungry for the next one. Five smooches from me for Once Upon A Sure Thing by Lauren Blakely!

~ Danielle Palumbo



Sep 21

When You Became Mine by A.S. Teague Cover Reveal

Title: When You Became Mine 
Author: A.S. Teague
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 4, 2018
Cover Designer: Kerry Heavens with Rebel Graphics
Cover Models: Alexis Susalla and A.C. Parker
Cover Photographer: Lindee Robinson Photography
I was twelve years old when I fell in love with Piper Kelley. Even at the age of eight, she was everything I wasn’t: brave, bold, and beautiful.

The night of my college graduation party, I finally made my move, but Piper only had eyes for one man—my younger brother.

With a battered heart, I left for Vegas, determined to put her behind me. But eight years later, fate proved once again that it had never cared about my plans.

Now, I’m back home, and determined not to fall into the same trap I spent the majority of my adolescence trying to escape.

But when Piper finds herself at the risk of losing her medical license, I realize just how far I’m willing to go to protect her.

I was twelve when Piper Kelley became mine.
It’s time I let her know.
A.S. Teague enjoys the warmth of South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. The stereotypes about peach cobbler and sweet tea are not overstated. After years in the medical field, she is now enjoying every minute of being a stay-at-home mom. She loves wine, the beach, wine on the beach, and crying at Disney movies. When she doesn’t have a book in her hand, she can be found pestering her husband with pictures of animals she wants to rescue, as well as debating whether to exercise or take a nap.


Sep 20

Guilty As Sin by Meghan March Review

5 Smooches


Guilty until proven innocent.

That’s the way the world works, right?

I’m tired of being convicted without evidence, all because my last name is Gable.

The Riscoffs might own this town, but I’m done following their rules.

If only I could forget just how easily Lincoln Riscoff can drag me under his spell.



We are back in the turbulent, intense, emotional and hot world of Whitney and Lincoln while we continue to follow their steamy and drama fulled lives. Guilty as Sin picks up from the ending of ‘Richer Than Sin’ and we are immediately dragged back in and hooked onto their story. I couldn’t wait to devour this book and Meghan certainly didn’t disappoint.

I loved the first book and I knew this one wasn’t going to disappoint. One of the things I enjoyed about this one in particular was that was got more information on their pasts and the history involved which filled in a few missing gaps from the first story. We really get an in-depth look into the families and the past drama that has led to this point. I loved delving deeper into Whitney and Lincoln’s relationship as well- they are so explosive together: a car crash and a firework all rolled into one.

“No woman has ever affected me like Whitney Gable. Not before. Not since.”

As always with one of Meghan’s read, the plot was one big twisty, intense, fiery read that constantly had me on the edge of my seat…biting my nails and shouting at my kindle…desperate to know what was going to happen next. We might get some answers but we are also left with many questions.

“I’m fucking done. You leave, I leave.
End of story. ”

Lincoln is willing to fight for he wants and Whitney is cautious of allowing her heart to open to him with so much opposition and potential heart break. Will these two be able to overcome their families pasts and all the obstacles stacked against them? Or will old wounds resurface once again in this modern Romeo and Juliet style romance? Left with one hell of a cliffhanger it looks as though we are going to have to wait (not so patiently) for the next instalment to get all the answers we are so desperately waiting for.



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Sep 20

TRAGIC by Devney Perry Cover Reveal

We are so excited to bring you the cover reveal of TRAGIC, the third book in the Lark Cove Series, from USA Today Bestselling Author, Devney Perry. TRAGIC releases on November 27th!


Title:  TRAGIC (Book 3)
Series:  Lark Cove
Author:  Devney Perry
Release: November 27, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance




Kaine Reynolds wants nothing more than solitude. After an unthinkable tragedy destroys his family, he’s cut off all ties to his former life so he can battle his grief the only way he knows how.


So when Piper Campbell knocks on his door, rambling on about being his new neighbor, he slams the door in her face.

But Kaine’s gruff demeanor doesn’t scare her. She’s set on living in Montana and starting over after a terrible divorce. And she wouldn’t mind having a fling to chase away the pain of her husband’s betrayal. Her handsome, albeit rude, neighbor is the perfect candidate.

Yet what neither of them suspect is that their no-strings affair will result in the surprise of Piper’s lifetime—and Kaine’s worst fear.







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About Devney Perry

Devney is the USA Today bestselling author of the Jamison Valley series. She lives in Montana with her husband and two children. After working in the technology industry for nearly a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to enjoy a slower pace at home with her kids. She loves reading and, after consuming hundreds of books, decided to share her own stories. Devney loves hearing from readers! Connect with her on social media.

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Sep 20

Hot Winter Nights by Jill Shalvis Excerpt Reveal

We are thrilled to bring you an excerpt today from HOT WINTER NIGHTS by New York Times Bestselling Author, Jill Shalvis! It releases on September 25th, and you can preorder your copy now!



Hot Winter Nights by Jill Shalvis
Series: Heartbreaker Bay #6
Release Date: September 25, 2018


HWN high res cover copy (1).JPG






Who needs mistletoe?

Most people wouldn’t think of a bad Santa case as the perfect Christmas gift. Then again, Molly Malone, office manager at Hunt Investigations, isn’t most people, and she could really use a distraction from the fantasies she’s been having since spending the night with her very secret crush, Lucas Knight. Nothing happened, not that Lucas knows that—but Molly just wants to enjoy being a little naughty for once . . .

Whiskey and pain meds for almost-healed bullet wounds don’t mix. Lucas needs to remember that next time he’s shot on the job, which may be sooner rather than later if Molly’s brother, Joe, finds out about them. Lucas can’t believe he’s drawing a blank on his (supposedly) passionate tryst with Molly, who’s the hottest, smartest, strongest woman he’s ever known. Strong enough to kick his butt if she discovers he’s been assigned to babysit her on her first case. And hot enough to melt his cold heart this Christmas.




Preorder your copy of HOT WINTER NIGHTS today!

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Joe looked behind him to make sure they were alone. “Molly and the old lady elves. What’s really going on with that?”

“Have you tried asking her yourself?”

Joe grimaced. “Look, she doesn’t belong out there doing what we do, okay? She’s … amazing, but too soft to do it.” He shook his head. “She’s always been that way, far too tender-hearted for her own good, dragging home strays, wanting to save the world. She’ll believe any sob story given to her. She loves too hard. She’ll get taken advantage of doing what we do—“

“Don’t,” Lucas said. “Don’t do that.”

“Do what?”

“Don’t belittle her. She’s not a little kid anymore, Joe. Nor is she incompetent. Far from it. In fact, she’s smart as hell. Look, a lot of bad shit happens to all of us, and our experiences have made us hard. Cold. But not her. She’s special, and stronger than both of us put together.”

This got a moment of surprised silence from Joe. And since Lucas didn’t want to fight with him, he rose and grabbed his laptop for their meeting.

“What’s going on between the two of you?” Joe asked.

Lucas turned back. “You asked me to get involved. I’m involved. And you know what? Out of all the things she loves, she loves you the most. Instead of trying to hold her back, do you know what you should be doing? You should be doing the job you asked me to do. You should be training her, letting her fly, and stand at her back while she does.”

Joe was stunned. “This is all just a phase for her, why would I do that?”
“It’s not a phase. And you should do it because she would do it for you,” Lucas said. He then walked out of his own office, doing his best to shrug off his irritation at Joe.


Want more Hot Winter Nights?  Click HERE (and scroll down!) to read the first chapter!





About Jill Shalvis

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jill Shalvis writes warm, funny, sexy contemporary romances and women’s fiction. An Amazon, BN & iBooks bestseller, she’s also a two-time RITA winner and has more than 10 million copies of her books sold worldwide.

Jill lives with her family in a small town in the Sierras full of quirky characters (Any resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is mostly coincidental). She does most of her writing on her deck surrounded by more animals than humans. Which is quite astonishing considering she’s a city girl who was plucked from the wilds of L.A. to the wilds of the Sierra’s. Most of her books come from a combination of hard work, cookies, and hot guy pics, and not necessarily in that order.

Jill often travels to reader weekends & conventions where she LOVES getting to meet and hang-out with readers. The only problem being she tends to get lost in her hotels. So if you ever see Jill Shalvis roaming the halls, someone please return her immediately.


Connect with Jill:

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Sep 20

Guillty as Sin by Meghan March Release Blitz

The second book in The Sin Trilogy from New York Times Bestselling Author, Meghan March, GUILTY AS SIN is now available! Order your copy today!


About GUILTY AS SIN, the second book in the SIN TRILOGY

Guilty until proven innocent.

That’s the way the world works, right?

I’m tired of being convicted without evidence, all because my last name is Gable.

The Riscoffs might own this town, but I’m done following their rules.

If only I could forget just how easily Lincoln Riscoff can drag me under his spell.


Check out our 5 smooches review HERE.












GUILTY AS SIN, the second book in the SIN TRILOGY, is available now!

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From New York Times bestselling author, Meghan March, comes a brand new saga of forbidden love and second chances.


A Riscoff and a Gable can never live happily ever after. Our family feud is the stuff of legends.

Ten years ago, Whitney Gable caught me off guard with her long legs and grab-you-by-the-balls blue eyes.

I didn’t know or care what her name was.

Like any Riscoff worth the family name, I went after what I wanted. We burned like a flash fire until she married another man.

She hates me, and she should.

I objected on her wedding day.

Now she’s home, with those same long legs and man-eater stare, but there’s no ring on her finger.

They say a Riscoff and a Gable can never live happily ever after . . . but I’m not done with Whitney Gable.

I’ll never be done with her.




RICHER THAN SIN, the first book in the SIN TRILOGY, is available now!

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REVELING IN SIN, the third and final book in the SIN TRILOGY, releases on October 23rd!

Whitney Gable is the kind of woman you fight to the death to protect.

To keep.

To cherish.

I’ve finally learned my lesson, and it’s time to prove I’m the man who’s worthy of her.

I don’t care what it takes, because failure is not an option.

No matter who or what stands in our way—this time, she’ll be mine forever.











REVELING IN SIN, the third and final book in the SIN TRILOGY, releases on October 23! Preorder your copy now!

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About Meghan March

A New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty novels, Meghan March has been known to wear camo face paint and tromp around in woods wearing mud-covered boots, all while sporting a perfect manicure. She’s also impulsive, easily entertained, and absolutely unapologetic about the fact that she loves to read and write smut. Her past lives include slinging auto parts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporate law. Writing books about dirty talking alpha males and the strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees is by far the most fabulous job she’s ever had.
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Connect with Meghan:

Sep 19

Royally Yours by Emma Chase Cover Reveal

We’re excited to bring you the cover reveal for ROYALLY YOURS from New York Times Bestselling Author, Emma Chase, today! The next book in the Royally series releases on October 30!



Series:  The Royally Series (Book #4)

Author:  Emma Chase

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Release Date:  October 30, 2018





Princess Lenora Celeste Beatrice Arabella Pembrook had an unusual childhood. She was raised to be a Queen—the first Queen of Wessco.

It’s a big deal.

When she’s crowned at just nineteen, the beautiful young monarch is prepared to rule. She’s charming, clever, confident and cunning.

What she isn’t…is married.

It’s her advising council’s first priority. It’s what Parliament is demanding, and what her people want.

Lenora has no desire to tie herself to a man—particularly one who only wants her for her crown. But compromises must be made and royals must do their duty.

Even Queens. Especially them.


Years ago, Edward Langdon Richard Dorian Rourke, walked away from his title and country. Now he’s an adventurer—climbing mountains, exploring jungles, going wherever he wants, when he wants—until family devotion brings him home.

And a sacred promise keeps him there.

To Edward, the haughty, guarded little Queen is intriguing, infuriating…and utterly captivating. Wanting her just might drive him mad—or become his greatest adventure.


Within the cold, stone walls of the royal palace—mistrust threatens, wills clash, and an undeniable, passionate love will change the future of the monarchy forever.

Every dynasty has a beginning. Every legend starts with a story.

This is theirs.



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ROYALLY YOURS will be available on October 30th

Pre-order your copy today!

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About Emma Chase

Emma Chase is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the hot and hilarious Tangled series and The Legal Briefs series. Emma lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children and two naughty (but really cute) dogs. She has a long-standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.


Connect with Emma Chase:

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Sep 19

I Bet You by Ilsa Madden-Mills Cover Reveal

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills returns with an all-new swoon-fest of a novel about what happens when you look beyond labels and take a chance on love.

I BET YOU, an all-new sexy college romance standalone is coming October 29th, and we have the hot new cover!


Title:  I Bet You

Series:  The Hook Up, Book #2

Author:  Ilsa Madden-Mills

Cover Designer:  Shanoff Designs

Photographer:  Wander Aguiar

Model:  Steven

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Publishing Date:  October 29, 2018






Sexy Athlete: I bet you…

Penelope Graham: Burn in hell, quarterback.

The late night text is random but Penelope knows exactly who “Sexy Athlete” is. And why she shouldn’t take his wager.

Ryker Voss.

Football star.

Walks on water and God’s gift to women.

Just ask him.

His bet? He promises Penelope he’ll win her the heart of the nerdy guy she’s been crushing on. His plan—good old-fashioned jealousy. Once her crush sees her kissing Ryker, he’ll realize what he’s missing. Sounds legit, right? The only question is…why is Ryker being so nice to her?

Penelope Graham.


Lover of sparkly vampires and calculus.

His mortal enemy.

Penelope knows she shouldn’t trust a jock, but what’s a girl to do when she needs a date to Homecoming? And Ryker’s keeping a secret, another bet, one that could destroy Penelope’s heart forever.

Will the quarterback score the good girl or will his secret mean everyone loses at this game of love?



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Start the first standalone in The Hook Up series today with I DARE YOU!

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About Ilsa Madden-Mills 

Ilsa Logo.jpg

Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and USA Today best-selling author Ilsa Madden-Mills writes about strong heroines and sexy alpha males that sometimes you just want to slap. She’s best known for her angsty, heartfelt new adult college romances.

A former high school English teacher, she adores all things Pride and Prejudice; Mr. Darcy is her ultimate hero.

She’s also addicted to frothy coffee beverages, Vampire Diaries, and any kind of book featuring unicorns and sword-wielding females.

Join her Unicorn Girls FB group for special excerpts, prizes, and snarky fun!


Connect with Ilsa:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Unicorn Girls Facebook Group  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  BookBub  |  Goodreads  |  Amazon

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Sep 18

More Than Crave You by Shayla Black Release Blitz


I’m beyond excited of the release for MORE THAN CRAVE YOU (More Than Words, Book 4)! I can’t wait to bring you to read the newest installment in my More Than Words series. I also hope to see you at my upcoming release party in the Book Beauties!

~ Shayla Black



I’m Evan Cook—billionaire tech entrepreneur and widower. Professionally, I’ve got it all. But since my wife died, my personal life has fallen apart. Remarrying seems like the obvious answer, so I place an ad. I’m not asking for much. The ideal woman only needs to be smart, organized, pretty, and helpful—both in and out of bed—without expecting romance. I never thought to look right in front of me…but it turns out that Nia Wright, my sexy, sassy assistant, just might be the perfect candidate.

After an unexpectedly hot night together, I’m ready to stop interviewing strangers and simply marry her. On paper, she ticks every box on my list. Best of all, she’s far too sensible to fall for me. I didn’t see the flaw in my logic until it was far too late. I never thought I’d lose my heart for the first time. And I definitely never imagined that she could consume me until I more than crave her. But she’s harboring a secret that could tear us apart—just as I’m finally putting myself together.


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Books In More Than Words Series


More Than Want You, Book 1

Amazon US I Amazon UK I Amazon CA I Amazon AU I Nook I iBooks I Kobo I GooglePlay


More Than Need You, Book 2

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More Than Love You, Book 3

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Shayla Black is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than sixty novels. For nearly twenty years, she’s written contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances via traditional, independent, foreign, and audio publishers. Her books have sold millions of copies and been published in a dozen languages.

Raised an only child, Shayla occupied herself with lots of daydreaming, much to the chagrin of her teachers. In college, she found her love for reading and realized that she could have a career publishing the stories spinning in her imagination. Though she graduated with a degree in Marketing/Advertising and embarked on a stint in corporate America to pay the bills, her heart has always been with her characters. She’s thrilled that she’s been living her dream as a full-time author for the past eight years.

Shayla currently lives in North Texas with her wonderfully supportive husband, her teenage daughter, and two spoiled tabbies. In her “free” time, she enjoys reality TV, reading, and listening to an eclectic blend of music.



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Sep 17

Professor Feelgood by Leisa Rayven Review

5 Smooches


What’s a girl to do when a man who’s countless shades of wrong feels oh-so-right?

Ambitious book editor Asha Tate is a hopeless romantic. Despite her mediocre track record with men, she believes in swooning, sighing, and the everlasting love of true soul mates. Sure, sex is okay, but she’s not someone who’s ever been driven by her animal urges.

Until now.

When Asha stumbles upon the scorching hot Instagram feed of someone calling himself Professor Feelgood, she falls in lust for the first time. Not only is she left panting over the professor’s insane body, but his angst-filled poetry about losing his one true love speaks straight to her soul.

Desperately in need of a bestseller for her struggling publishing company, Asha knows the professor’s potential to sell to his millions of loyal followers could be the lifeline her bosses need. However, the ink is barely dry on a book deal before she realizes she’s made a terrible mistake. Sure, the professor is incredibly talented and sexier than any man has a right to be, but the man behind the persona isn’t at all who she pictured. In real life, he’s intense, arrogant and infuriating, and his uncanny ability to rub her the wrong way turns her dream project into a total nightmare.

Knowing that the professor is everything she doesn’t want in a man should help Asha ignore her occasional urges to mount him, but she quickly learns that explosive, unwanted chemistry can make even smart people do stupid things.


Leisa can make me feel like no one else. Her ability to string words together to make magic is astounding. I have read and adored each and every single thing she has put out and have never been disappointed.




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