Mar 28

Come A Little Closer by Kim Karr Review

5 Smooches


I haven’t always been this bad…

Up until recently, I was the kind of girl who wore white cotton panties and bent at the knees rather than the waist.

Pomp and circumstance changed all that.

Jaxson Cassidy was my first taste of bad, and I liked it more than I should have. Just not in the way I was meant to. I couldn’t help myself though. I found him irresistible. That sexy grin, those skilled fingers, and that dirty, dirty mouth were a lethal combination.

I wasn’t supposed to want him. I wasn’t supposed to let him put his hands on me. I wasn’t supposed to do a lot of things…but I did.

He wants to keep me close.
I should push him away.

He says he can help me.
I’m not so sure.

For some reason, he thinks there’s good left in me.
What if he’s wrong?

Everyone knows a good boy can’t turn a bad girl around.
Everyone knows it’s always the other way.
Everyone…except him.


Sadie Banks has never had it easy. From one mistake, to another bad judgement, to covering for others; things aren’t looking up- in fact they are just getting worse! Jaxon may have lost the women he thought he was meant to end up with but he isn’t going to let that stop him from doing what he wants in life. However, when Sadie and Jaxson cross paths both their lives are pushed onto a rollercoaster path. Will these two be able to overcome the lies, secrets, drama and all the stuff in-between to come together or will fate play with them a little too much and push them apart?

“I shut out the darkness and wanted to look toward the light. The thing was, I wasn’t sure there was any left.”

I have read and enjoy a lot of Kim Karr books but I have to say I think this was my favourite! It was sexy and passionate which I always know I’m going to get when I dive into one of Kim’s books but I loved the unexpectedness of this story. I read the blurb but it didn’t give much away so it really wasn’t what I was expecting but in a good way!

“That somewhere beneath all this bad, I was still the same girl I had always been. Lost. Scared. Good. And still me.”

One of the reasons I loved this story was because of its characters. I loved Sadie and Jaxson and I liked that they were a little different to other lead characters. Sadie wasn’t perfect at all, In fact she’s a little flawed and I actually really liked that she wasn’t completely put together and that her life was crazy. It was refreshing and different and I honesty found her so easy to read and get to know. And how could you not love Jaxson! A sexy, kind of broody alpha male whose alpha side isn’t automatically there and I loved that he had to dig a little deeper to get it out. The way he wanted to stand by Sadie despite not knowing if she was always telling the truth literally made my heart sigh.

“Two lost souls. Broken. Damaged. Incomplete. The electric sparks. The dangerous chemistry. The lust that filled the air. The desire that made my body hum.”

This wasn’t just a romance story; although there was plenty of passion and chemistry and love to keep any romance reader happy. This story actually has so much more; so many twists and turns. I honestly couldn’t tell where we were going next or what drama our characters were going to be put through in the next chapter. It really kept me on my toes and kept me hooked deep into the plot line. Just so refreshing to read something a little different but still able to keep the things we as readers always enjoy reading!