May 09

Company Ink by Kat Colburn Review

3.5 Smooches


Office intrigue takes on a whole new meaning in this story of love, friendship, and the secrets hiding in plain sight…
The Company has a rule about falling in love on the job.
I’ve never been one for rules. But I need this one. I need this rule to remind me why I can’t be with Dani Wallace.
I need this smart little foul-mouthed fighter by my side more than I need her in my bed. I need her to close this massive deal. She thinks it holds the key to her escape from cubicle hell and another shot at the life she always wanted.
But there is more riding on our success than she can possibly ever know.
So I’ll keep my hands to myself and my secrets safe for one more day.
But now I can’t stop wondering what my best friend has on beneath her conservative suit. I can’t stop imagining the things that sharp mouth of hers could do to me if I leaned back in my chair and unzipped my pants. And I can’t stop pushing our flirting too far.
I’m trying to remember the rule. But some rules are made to be broken.
This kindle book is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Fans of slowburn friends to lovers stories that are steamy, funny, and slightly suspenseful will enjoy this novel. There is no cheating and an HEA. Promise.


Dan may want more from Dani than just being colleagues, a lot more. But that doesn’t mean he can just give into his desires. Neither can she. The strict no fraternising policy in work has made sure of that. But when things start to heat up, it’s hard to resist. But Dan knows the secrets he is keeping close to his chest could be enough to extinguish the flame between quicker than any rule in work.

“I’m losing my best friend. I always knew that this was a possibility. That she would finally get fed up with my secrets and my bullshit reasons that I can’t be with her. And yet I can’t go back to the way things were. I can feel the light being sucked from my life.”

If you are looking for a slow burn, office, friends to lovers romance than this will suit you nicely. It was a good read, just not a great one for me. However I do think it is a perfect read for those looking a nice easy romance story. I really enjoyed the characters and I liked the fact it wasn’t an insta love story; they build their chemistry over a period of time and it made their story a lot more believable.

“I know I hurt her, but what she doesn’t know is I did it out of love. I love her. I love her so much that it hurts, quite literally. My chest aches at the thought of how close she currently is and the wall that separates us. There is nothing temporary about how I want her. I turned her down tonight to give us a slim shot at a future.”

Dan and Dani (didn’t like the similarity in names but that’s a personal preference) are both enjoyable characters to read about and get engaged with. Dani is one head strong, smart and determined women. She’s had her heart broken and has learnt some hard lessons when it comes to office romance but she doesn’t let this stop her from wanting to reach her goals and she’s not going to let the broken heart shatter her. I could admire her attitude and I was definitely keen for her to come out of this story on top. We know from the blurb that Dan is keeping a secret and that this secret has the potential to hurt Dani, but even so, that didn’t stop me from liking him. He’s confident and sexy but I also loved how he initially had a friendship with Dani and as you read on it becomes quite clear that he wants to take care of her and be there for her.

“At the time I didn’t believe in happy endings, because I hadn’t seen much evidence in my own life. I still don’t believe in happy endings, but for a different reason now. Happy endings need to be reserved for books and fairytales, because real love never really ends.”

For me it was the plot that I didn’t totally love. Perhaps because I was looking for something a bit more meaty in terms of shock, or drama or adventure but I just needed a little something extra. Even though there is that shocking plot line towards the end, it all happens so quickly with not much detail that it didn’t grab me as much as it perhaps should have. That’s not to say that what was there wasn’t good- it was! It is what it says on the blurb; a romance read. It had some angst and a bit of drama surrounding Dan’s secret so in that sense it was a great romance read. The characters were so enjoyable to read about and so likeable that I 100% wanted to finish and find out what their ending was going to be.



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