Mar 08

Elemental Runes by Rebecca Brooke Review


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While secretly protecting the king’s daughter, Jocelyn Marske left her realm to learn more about her powers. She accepted the sacrifices she was making, including finding the one man destined to be hers.

With her powers no longer a secret, Jocelyn’s not sure there is a place for her in this world. Until the day Gunnar steps into her life and for one brief moment she has everything she wants. But things aren’t as easy as they seem…

Jocelyn and Gunnar have no idea what awaits them. A secret they never expected. One that can kill them or make them stronger.

With the rebels hunting them at every turn, will Gunnar and Jocelyn realize that the need each other more now than ever?


Another amazing paranormal romance from Rebecca Brooke. She truly shines in this genre; letting her imagination take charge and the rules fly out the window.

Gunnar and Jocelyn have a lot to focus on as war brews and the lives of everyone they love is in danger but one thing is sure and that is that they are meant for each other. As their emotional connection grows their desire for one another only strengthens. But getting to know your mate and helping to fulfill the prophecy is hard enough but how can they move forward when there is danger at every turn.

Rebecca Brooke creates worlds I want to know more about and characters I wish I really knew. I loved the complexity of the plot as well as the emotional connection between Gunnar and Jocelyn. I can’t wait for more!