Aug 30

Elliott Redeemed by Scarlett Cole Review


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A single mom and tortured musician find common ground in Scarlett Cole’s Elliott Redeemed, the second standalone romance about the band Preload.

Elliot “Pyro” Dawson burns up the lead guitar like a legend. But the nickname Pyro isn’t just a clever play on words. It’s much darker. A past he’s fought like hell to overcome.

Grocery store cashier Kendalee Walker is at her wits end and homeless. She’s watched her fourteen-year-old son, Daniel, go so far off the rails, he can no longer see the tracks.

When the two are brought together, attraction flares, but can Elliott find the family he never had with the sexy woman and her son, or will he fall back on dark habits?


I just love Scarlett Cole, I really do. Now, I am not a huge fan of “rocker” books but from the moment I met the Preload boys I fell hard for them. I know nothing about metal bands and the men who make them up. But this mix of foster brothers turned band mates is so appealing and full of depth it is impossible not to fall in love with each of them as their stories unravel.

Elliott is a damaged man, his stepdad growing up made it impossible for him to not turn out somewhat screwed up but since getting his life straight at the foster home he met his boys at he has held it all together. Kendalee is a Christian mother of a boy in the hospital when Elliott visits. Her son has faced the unthinkable and she has stood by his side. Despite the fact that she is ten years older than Elliott neither can deny the instant attraction they have nor the feelings they develop as they spend more time together.

This story was so original. My heart ached for each of the characters and I spent the whole time reading desperate to get to the part where they got their HEA. Each chapter gave us more insight into these complex characters and the writing made the story flow beautifully. It was sweet, super sexy, and sent me in to a tailspin of emotions. I definitely recommend this one!