Jul 14

Elude by Rachel Van Dyken Review


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Twenty-Four hours before we were to be married–I offered to shoot her.
Ten hours before our wedding–I made a mockery of her dying wish.
Five hours before we were going to say our vows–I promised I’d never love her.
One hour before I said I do–I vowed I’d never shed a tear over her death.
But the minute we were pronounced man and wife–I knew.
I’d only use my gun to protect her.
I’d give my life for hers.
I’d cry.
And I would, most definitely, lose my heart, to a dying girl—a girl who by all accounts should have never been mine in the first place.
I always believed the mafia would be my end game–where I’d lose my heart, while it claimed my soul. I could have never imagined. It would be my redemption.
Or the beginning of something beautiful.
The beginning of her.
The end of us.


“I’d rather kill you than see you suffer . . . I’d offer a dog the same kindness.” “I’m not a dog.” “You’re Russian.”

I am raw. This beautiful, thought provoking, timeless book has tore me down to the core and I loved every hilarious and emotional moment of it. Rachel’s words can take a action packed mafia story and turn it into a beautiful love story that makes you ponder if you were forced to marry someone you couldn’t fall for what would you do? Would you fight it with everything you are or would you let fate take control?

“His kisses didn’t give – they took, they stole little parts of me I didn’t even know I was keeping close until they were gone.”

The first half of Elude had me laughing my ass off. The smart and witty humor I have come to know and expect from Rachel was present in full force. Even when things start to get tough Andi is right there to lighten the mood and have you rolling with with laughter. However, the second half of Elude has tears streaming down my face and me in a frantic search for tissues. As hard as parts of this story were to read I would not have changed a moment of it.

“Her kiss had been real. Our love was real.”

 Sergio is a beautifully broken man who comes into this marriage knowing it is his penance for the damage he has done. But from the moment he says I do everything changes and he knows he will do anything he can to keep Andi safe and happy. Andi is fun and fearless and possibly the best heroine Rachel has ever written. She faces everything head on with a smile on her face and refuses to let her reality stop her from living and loving.

“The girl I never wanted. But desperately needed.”

Being the sixth book in this series (of standalones) you would think you know what to expect but once again Rachel proves that she is the Queen of emotion and surprises and Elude was no different. While parts of this book will break you, I promise Rachel knows what she is doing and while it might be hard everything has a purpose and a plan. Please don’t read spoilers just dive in and be prepared for an emotion journey like no other.


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