Oct 10

Ever Lonely by Kimberly Lauren Review

5 Smooches


Ever James is a platinum-selling rock star, who has purposely made a reputation for herself as the industry’s favorite wild girl. She’s been photographed partying hard and dating the hottest actors. She’s been caught in the middle of numerous wardrobe malfunctions and frequents the covers of gossip magazines with scandalous rumors of rehab, affairs and pregnancies. Only some are true.
She sings their songs. She poses for their pictures. She wears their clothes.
   Until Rhett…
Rhett Grayson has one of the most sought-after spots in the New York subway system to play his music. Travelers fill his guitar case with enough money to pay his bills and buy a round of drinks for his friends every week. He has his own apartment in Manhattan. Who cares if he can touch the walls with his arms stretched out wide? It’s his.
When Rhett is unexpectedly asked to join Ever’s band as lead guitarist, will Ever be able to cope with a new bandmate who’s as infuriating as he is tempting? Can she show him it’s okay to step out of his comfort zone while he teaches her a thing or two along the way about staying true to herself?


 I adore Kimberly Lauren and have anxiously been awaiting this release! Her writing is always so captivating and intriguing and Ever Lonely did not disappoint.

Rock Star romances are not always my cup of tea but seeing as how this author has never let me down I jumped in excited to see what she would give me.  I love any couple who has to sneak around a bit, I personally find it just intensifies the connection and that is exactly what happened here. I was desperate for these two and can’t wait to see what happens next for them.

Ever and Rhett’s story yanked on my heart and had me eager for more books from this amazing author!