Jul 11

Fifteen Nights by Zoe Lee Review


4 Smooches

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The deeper they look, the harder they fall.


Jamie Houston was supposed to just be Leda Riveau’s Thursday night (and maybe Friday morning) fun.

After a romantic and professional disaster three years ago in Nashville, Leda is back in her hometown of Maybelle County. She has a great job, awesome brothers, and friends as allergic to emotions as she is. That’s all the sweetness she needs to go along with the bitter taste Nashville left in her mouth.

After all, a girl with her own hashtag – #ledagoesnuclear – cannot be expected to do relationships, no matter what her brothers think.

Jamie is a serial monogamist with a three-year-old son and a long commute–he’s not afraid to commit. Although the timing has never been right, he’s always had a thing for Leda. He knows full well she doesn’t do serious, but that was before the tension between them became explosive.

What starts out as a casual Thursday night arrangement gets messy fast between interfering friends, an amazing son, a sad brother, a pushy mom, and chemistry so intense it’s scary.

How does a man who needs forever win a woman who hates romance?


I’m a fan of the small town Zoe Lee has created. I feel personally attached to everyone including all the side characters and each book I only become more and more invested into this community.

I really enjoyed these characters. I loved that Jamie was the one who was always in a relationship and Leda was the relationship-phobe. It’s a great twist to a typical scenario. Jamie being a single dad only added to my love for him. I am such a sucker for a single dad. Their banter and interactions drew me in but for me personally I could have used more dialogue. While Jamie was easy to love, Leda was slightly harder but not in a way that made the story unenjoyable. If you are looking for am easy read with a small town setting give this standalone a go!