Feb 08

Keeping It by Rachel Robinson Review

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Tyler Holiday (Ta-hoe)
Tahoe. Badass. SEAL. Player. Powerful. Jerk. Available.
All words used to describe me for the past ten years. Wrapped up in the war, running and gunning constantly, has taken its toll on me. My next assignment is supposed to be a break, something to aid in taking the edge off; help open a new base in the miniscule, coastal, Florida town of Bronze Bay. A non-deployable position, I can work-out, decompress, and handle the mundane tasks of structuring a new SEAL command. Or, in other words, enjoy my free time with the tanned, toned, country women of the south.

Mission accepted.

Falling for a southern belle wasn’t supposed to happen. In fact, it’s more stressing than any challenge in my sordid past. Especially when she uttered the words, “I am a virgin.”
Someone cover me, I’m going in.

Caroline May
My first memory is in an airplane over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. My daddy sitting beside me and my heart full of joy. When I was sixteen, I made my first solo flight over those exact same waters. My daddy owns and operates the little airport in Bronze Bay, so my eyes have been skyward for as long as I can remember. Things like men and college, never appealed to me. My days are spent waitressing in my Mama’s diner, counting down the hours until I can head to the airport.

Then the SEALs came and changed everything. Big, brutal, jerks, forcing themselves into our little slice of paradise. Demanding use of our airport. One man in particular, aiming to take more than I’m ready to give. He is beautiful. Magnetic. Strong. Convincing. For the first time in my life, I’m flying in a different, exhilarating way. Keeping it isn’t going to be easy when merely looking at the man makes me think of four words.

Foxtrot. Uniform. Charlie. Kilo.
Bless my heart, I’m in trouble.


Tahoe is looking forward to a chilled assignment compared to the guns and battles he is used to as a SEAL. Helping to organise a new command centre Tahoe hopes to de-stress with the beautiful women of Bronze Bay. He doesn’t expect to meet the beautiful and sweet….and virgin Caroline. Caroline is used to the small town life and doesn’t have much time for men. So when the SEALS arrive and start bossing and demanding she isn’t best pleased. But she can’t help but not notice one SEAL in particular- Tahoe. Now her simple life is about to be thrown off kilter by the hot, sexy, strong and powerful Tahoe. Will these two people from two very different lives be able to rise above it all and get their HEA?

“I want Tahoe in every single way a woman can possibly want a man. His kindness bleeds into his masculinity in a way that makes his whole package something close to perfection.”

This was a sweet romance- a slow burner that gradually builds the passion and chemistry between the two characters until you are at bursting point wanting them to come together. A mixture of love, sadness, plenty of angst and some drama thrown in made this an easy and enjoyable romance read; great for cuddling up and reading in the cold weather.

“There’s always a point in life, a moment that stands out as the one. The moment that changes things—forces you to realize that despite what you want, the world is giving you something else.”

Tahoe and Caroline were the perfect example of opposites attract. They complimented each other perfectly. Tahoe was hot, badass, confident navy SEAL but he also had this kind, gentle, sweet side to him when it came to Caroline. Caroline was a sweet young woman; she was easy to smile and loved her small town life. She was one of those people you know you would meet and couldn’t help but instantly like. And yet she was also a strong woman who was determined to be her own person no matter what!

“Found and lost. Love and loss. Promises and lies. Floating and falling. Forever and never.”

So even though this was a slow build romance I actually really enjoyed it. It kept us going right to the very end and the passion just kept building throughout- it was a refreshing change to a lot of insta love/sex stories out there. Even though the romance is a slow build there is plenty in the story to keep us entertained. I loved the banter between the characters, some real LOL moments. There are some low moments and some really frustrating, shout at your kindle moment. Overall this story just had a real believability to it; a story you could connect with and two main characters you can pretty much fall in love with! A epic epilogue to finish it off as well!



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